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A step that increases tension in Tunisia .. The Mechanic exempts Saeed’s ministers

In an escalation of tension between the Presidency of the Republic in Tunisia and the government, Prime Minister Hicham El-Mechichi has exempted 5 ministers from their duties and appointed others on behalf, pending the completion of the ministerial reshuffle procedures, which are still pending, after the new ministers obtained the confidence of Parliament on January 26th. The past.

Ministers of Saeed

Today, Monday, Al-Meshishi exempted the ministers affiliated with President Qais Saeed from their duties, and they are Minister of Justice Muhammad Busta, Minister of Industry and Energy And mines Salwa Saghir, Minister of Youth, Sports and Professional Inclusion Kamal Daqish, Minister of State Property and Real Estate Affairs Laila Jafal, Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fishing Aqsa Al-Bahri.

The prime minister had earlier also sacked Minister of Interior Tawfiq Sharaf. Al-Din, and Minister of Culture Walid Al-Zaidi, who are also affiliated with Saeed.

In addition, the Presidency of the Government affirmed in a statement today that it is open to all solutions that ensure the completion of the ministerial amendment procedures so that ministers can carry out their duties, within the framework of the constitution.

Getting around the presidency?!

It is mentioned that this step was a prelude to restructuring the government without begging PBUH to the Head of State, as the formation of a mini-government falls within the powers and competencies of the Prime Minister and only requires the convening of a ministerial council to implement this political option.

3 weeks ago, 11 new ministers gained the confidence of the parliament, but he is happy, He refused their call to take the constitutional oath before him, due to the violations that he says marred the amendment process and the suspicions of corruption and conflicts of interest that affected a number of the new ministers, which caused a rift between him and the Chechen and Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi, who supported the position of the prime minister.

Last Friday, al-Mashishi, supported by Ennahda, confirmed that he would not resign from his post, in clear defiance of Saeed, who was pushing for his resignation or the withdrawal of ministers, in an escalation of the political crisis that plagues the country.

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