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A solution that identifies users based on their cursor movement is level

An investor association led by PortfoLion Capital Partners is investing more than half a million euros in a Hungarian-based company developing biometric identification solutions called Cursor Insight. In addition to PortfoLion, the investment will be provided by Hungarian Finext and Estonian Startup Wiseguys

The company will spend the entire amount on the development and sale of its latest product, Graboxy. The purpose of the product is to identify and identify users based on the unique features of the cursor movement.

A company called Cursor Insight was established by Hungarian founders in the United Kingdom. The company’s sales revenue was GBP 723 thousand (HUF 303.3 million) in the last closed year, 2019. End-users can find the company’s signature recognition solutions on tablets in many places.

Last year, PortfoLion, part of the OTP Group, increased the value of its assets by EUR 70 million (HUF 25 billion) to a total of EUR 220 million. Last year, five investments were made in the technology sector with a total value of nearly $ 20 million (HUF 5.9 billion), so in 2020, despite the pandemic, they closed one of their busiest years so far. The venture capitalist with more than ten years of experience sold the Banzai Cloud startup to Cisco last year and gained control of the NAGISZ Group, one of the most valuable companies in the country, which also produces Nádudvari products.

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