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A secret detail has been revealed about the Iranian missile attack

A recent report revealed that Iran had purchased civilian satellite imagery to monitor a U.S. military base in Iraq. It is not known from whom he obtained the images, but he had several sources. But the Space Force was not idle either, so in the end no American soldier died in the attack on January 8 last year, Donald Trump explained why he did not take retaliatory action against Iran.

For details, more than a year after the blow, it came to light. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard elite formation – the space division that manages the missile program – launched a missile attack on January 8, 2020, against two Iraqi military bases where U.S. soldiers are also present. Iranian state television at the time reported that the action was retaliation for the assassination of General Kasim Suleiman, commander of the Revolutionary Guard Kuds Special Unit. According to the official Iraqi report, the Iraqi soldier was not injured, and in Washington it was also claimed that the American soldiers were safe.

Suleiman, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps special unit called Abu Khd al-Muhandis , Deputy Head of the People’s Mobilization Forces (al-Hasd as-Saabi), an umbrella organization for Iranian-backed Iraqi militias, died in US airstrikes near Baghdad on 3 January 2020.

Iranian President Hasan Rohanani he called Suleiman a hero who became a legend in the area after his murder. Róhani put it this way: Tehran will avenge the commander’s death “in due time”, but will also take legal action against Trump and the Pentagon.

A secret detail has been revealed about the Iranian missile attack

Recent data suggest that the air strike would have been much more severe if it had not started in time evacuation of the US base. Iran bought footage of commercial satellites from the base on the day of the attack to prepare thoroughly for the strike. But the Americans were aware of the deal, as they themselves regularly acquire such images through commercial channels, so they began evacuating al-Asad air base immediately after the sale and purchase of fresh footage.

“If we move earlier , then the enemy will redesign the blow, “said Frank McKenzie, commander of USCENTCOM. Therefore, they waited for the last moment and only then acted. The recordings bought by Iran showed planes and working soldiers, so they were expecting a big loss in the revenge campaign.

The Americans knew about the preparations for the air strike from the fact that they were preparing for an attack by the new U.S. force, the Space Force.

Iran had previously issued an arrest warrant against the US President, and a year after Trump’s command to assassinate Iranian Commander Kasim Suleiman in American airstrikes, Interpol turned to the international police organization with a request. to issue an international arrest warrant against U.S. President Donald Trump

A total of 48 people, including Trump, U.S. commanders, Pentagon officials, and U.S. soldiers stationed in the area, have been requested to be arrested by Interpol. Eszmaili said on Iranian state television that there is constructive cooperation in the matter with neighboring Iraq.

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