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A prominent politician resigns from the largest opposition party and calls on Erdogan to resign

The prominent Turkish politician, Muharram Inge, resigned from the Republican People’s Party, the largest of the opposition party, pledging to form his political party after a long struggle with CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdarolu, and criticized the performance of the opposition, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policy of dealing With the country’s issues.

And Ince, who was a competitor to Erdogan in the 2018 presidential elections, said during a press conference Monday, “I will submit my resignation immediately, and I will send a detailed explanation of my decision to the party headquarters in respect of my 42-year-old membership.” He stressed that “the Republican People’s Party is witnessing ideological drifts, and a big gap has formed between the party’s base and its members.”

I know that today I am at a crossroads. I have worked at all levels for 42 years. I am still a perfectionist, a Republican, loyal to the founding values, on the other hand, while the party leaders slandered the people of the party, took pictures together with the people fighting against the CHP, the Ataturk party went, the CHP is now a party of signatures. ”

During his conference, Inge assured that he would not have any partnership with the People’s Alliance (the ruling Justice and Development Party and its national partner). Their pressure due to the polarization caused by the government and the opposition, it is time to get rid of this government and the opposition, and our goal is to get 50 + 1 votes. To the CHP voters who have always voted against the Social Democrats.

And in his comment on the developments of “Bogazici University” (The Bosphorus in Arabic), Muharram Inge appealed to Erdogan, calling on him to resign from his post, saying, “You must also resign, Mr. President, the opposition does not say this to you, and do not read what is on the street, this government is very grateful to the opposition, and the opposition is grateful. Very from the government, everyone is happy with their place, but we are not like that, we offer a third way. ”

Injeh criticized Erdogan because of the economic conditions, saying,“ Half of your term has passed, and you have not fulfilled any of your promises, we will find a way out. To Turkey from this situation, and we will establish justice in this country, there will be conscience in everything we do, there will be production and work. ”

He added that he is working on establishing a new political party, joined by three MPs who resigned. Recently from the Republican People’s Party, months after the launch of his political movement, which bore the name “The Homeland Movement.”

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