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A painful picture .. A Houthi mine kills a citizen with his “donkey” in Taiz

A Yemeni citizen was killed when a Houthi mine exploded, on Wednesday, while he was passing on a road with his “donkey” in Haifan District, in the southern countryside of Taiz Governorate.

The Yemeni Landmine Monitor reported that the citizen Muhammad Saeed Moqbel Al-Murabdi, was killed by a Houthi mine explosion while he was passing on a road with his “donkey” in the village of Al-Sajaa in the Al-Akboush district of the Haifan district in the southern countryside of Taiz governorate.

According to local sources, the Al-Morabi citizen exploded with a mine while he was transporting goods on his donkey in the Al-Akboush area.

The mines planted by the Houthi militia in Taiz governorate caused the death and injury of 3,263 civilians since 2015 and up to the beginning of this March 2021, according to the Yemeni Landmine Monitor.

In the Al Shaqab area in the Al Misrakh District, the Houthi militia renewed On Wednesday, artillery shelled residential neighborhoods in Al-Shaqab area, southeast of Taiz.

A local source said that the 10-year-old child, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, was killed after their home in Al-Shaqab area was subjected to artillery shelling from Before the militia, according to the local news site NewsYemen.

It is indicated that the Al Shaqab area is from Ak The number of areas witnessing an increase in the crimes of the Houthi militia, where the total of Houthi artillery shells monitored by the Human Rights Committee in the Al Shaqab area since the beginning of the war reached 3,245 shells, and more than 500 Katyusha rockets, which left hundreds of civilian victims among the martyrs and wounded, and caused destruction and burning of many Civilian objects.

In the context, a civilian was killed and two others were wounded, including a child, by artillery shelling of the Houthi militia, targeting the village of Al-Sarham in Jabal Habashi, west of Taiz.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms mentioned The victims of the Houthi bombing are: Abd al-Salam Abdullah Ahmad, 20, Azman Abdul-Qawi Muhammad, 18, and Kafa’a Ahmad Muhammad, 10 years old.

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