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“A historic moment” … the election of a president to the new Libyan government

After the failure of the four lists nominating to fill the new executive authority in Libya, earlier today, Friday, any of them failed to obtain the required percentage to win, the second and decisive voting session began to choose the members of the authority from among two lists that went up to the second round.

The participants voted for Muhammad Al-Manfi as Chairman of the Presidential Council, and Abdel-Hamid Al-Dabiba as Chairman of the new unity government Musa Al-Koni and Abdullah Al-Lafi were also selected for membership in the Presidency Council.

Their list won thirty-nine votes, compared to 34 votes for their competitors, Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh and Minister of Interior in the Government of National Accord Fathi Bashagha for the positions of the presidents of the Presidency Council and the ministers.

“A historic moment”

For her part, the UN envoy to Libya Acting Stephanie Williams described that moment as historic. In a speech announcing the victory of the candidates, she said, “I am pleased to witness this historic moment.”

She also added, addressing the Libyan parties: You have come a long way and overcame your differences in favor of your country and the Libyan people. “This is a formal obligation and the elected executive authority must fulfill it,” she said.

In addition, it stated that the Prime Minister-designate must present his government and its program of work within 21 days.

Only two lists moved earlier today to the second round for the sake of Electing a Prime Minister and members of the Presidency Council in preparation for the national elections expected on December 24.

An important stage

This vote, which took place today in Geneva, Switzerland, formed a forum The Libyan political dialogue, broadcast live by the United Nations, is an important stage for the Libyan file, which has witnessed great difficulties.

It is mentioned that 75 participants in the dialogue have gathered since Monday in a place in the suburbs of Geneva, which was not revealed by the United Nations. They started voting today at ten o’clock GMT to choose those personalities.

First round .. did not succeed

This came after the first round of Polling Tuesday, but none of the candidates got a majority of 60 percent of the votes, so the second round was organized today in the form of lists this time (4 lists were nominated, of which 2 rose to the second round, then Dabaiba’s list was chosen)

The UN envoy made it clear previously today , That none of the four lists did not get the threshold of 60 percent of the vote, so a second round is supposed to be organized to choose one of the two lists that got the most votes in the first round, provided that the threshold specified in the second round is 50 percent in addition to one vote

Aqeelah Salih and Bashagha

It is mentioned that the list that received the largest number of votes (25 votes) in the first session was Fathi Bashagha, Minister of Interior in The Government of National Accord today, however, was unable to win, despite all expectations suggesting otherwise.

The list also included Aqila Saleh, the current speaker of parliament, who was in turn considered the most prominent candidate for the presidency of the parliament. However, the winds of the second round came against all expectations.

As for the second list, which includes Muhammad Yunus Al-Manfi, the candidate for the presidency, Musa Al-Koni, Abdullah Hussein Al-Lafi and Abdul Hamid Muhammad Dabaiba, the candidate for the position of prime minister, it got in The first session consisted of only 20 votes, but today it won the new authority.

It is noteworthy that, according to the United Nations, it will be entrusted to the future transitional council. The mission of “reunifying state institutions and ensuring security” until the elections scheduled for December.

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