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6-year-old becomes youngest organ donor at AIIMS Delhi, saving 5 lives

New Delhi:

parents of A 6-year- Baby Roli Prajapati, who was shot dead by unknown assailants in Noida, donated by a daughter, managed to save up to five lives, making her the youngest organ donor in The history of AIIMS, New Delhi.

Rolly was shot in Ha head Then she was taken to the hospital. She quickly fell into a coma due to its severity of The injury Then he was referred to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi. after despair failed Doctors try to save the little girl, they declared her brain dead.

AIIMS Senior Neurosurgeon Dr. Deepak Gupta told ANI: “Ruli A six and half-year-old girl, arrived at the hospital on On April 27, she was shot and a bullet stabilized in her brain. The brain is completely damaged. I arrived at the hospital in almost a brain dead condition. So, we talked to family Individuals.”

We diagnosed her with a brain death. our later team of Doctors sat with The parents And he talked about organ donation. advise us parents They asked for their consent if they were willing to donate organs to save lives of Another children neurosurgeon said.

AIIMS doctor praised parents of Rolly for Donate organs and save five lives. Members for Donation of the liver, kidneys, corneas and heart valve.

With this organ donation, Roli becomes the youngest donor in AIIMS Delhi history.

“We were very grateful to parents for take this step Although not much is known about organ donation. They understand the importance of Saving lives, “Doctor Gupta added.

AIIMS neurosurgeon revealed, “We have begun opening a donation facility here way back in 1994. in factto me best of my knowledge, in completely of Delhi and NCR, we’ve never had such young donors.”

Dr. Gupta is also Sponsoring organ donation activities at the JPNATC Trauma Center.

Talking about donating his daughter Rulli’s members father Harnarayan Pratjapati told ANI, “Dr Gupta and his associates team advised us for Donate organs so our child can save other lives. We thought about it and decided she’d be alive in Another people’s life and give others reason To smile “.

Poonam Devi mother of Rulli mentioned it emotionally to her daughter she has left But they managed to save lives of else people.


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