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5 Useful and Hidden iOS Features in iPhones: Timer, Calculator, Charging Alerts, Back Tap, and Level Measurement

iPhones contain many hidden benefits in apps

iPhones contain many hidden benefits in apps that make it easier for you to do certain tasks, and most of these benefits are not known to many iPhone users, but once you know them, the way you use iPhone will change and you will find that it is more useful. .

Here are five useful and hidden iOS features in iPhones:

1- Set a timer to automatically stop playing music and podcasts:

Many people listen to different audio clips before going to bed, and the audio clip may stay on even after sleeping, but on the iPhone, users can set a timer to automatically stop the audio clip after a certain period of time.

If you want to listen to the Quran, music, or podcasts from the Apple Music or Apple Podcast apps before bed, use the Clock app to set a timer to automatically stop audio playback by following these steps:

Go to the Clock app, then select the Timer tab at the bottom of the screen.

Set the timer to the desired time.

Select the When Timer Ends option, then scroll to the bottom of the list, click Stop Playing, and then click the Set button.

Click the start button and start listening to your favorite audio clips. The watch will automatically pause the sound when the timer expires.

2- Use the remove hidden number key in the calculator:

The calculator on the iPhone does not include a button to remove incorrect numbers when writing a math problem, but there is a hidden method that you can use, namely:

Open the Calculator app on your iPhone and enter some numbers.

Swipe left or right on the numbers you entered to delete the last digit.

Every time you swipe, the app erases one digit from the end.

3- Set customized iPhone charging alerts:

By default, you’ll get an alert when the iPhone’s battery percentage reaches 20%, but you can set up a custom alert to remind you to charge when the battery percentage reaches the percentage you choose.

This can be done using the automation feature in the Shortcuts app by doing the following:

Go to the Shortcuts app, then tap the Automation option at the bottom of the screen.

If this is your first time using the automation feature, select the “Create Personal Automation” option.

Scroll down and select Battery level.

Select the charge level at which you want to be notified.

Click the Next button in the upper right corner.

Scroll down then select “Notifications” then select “Show notifications”.

Type the notification text next to Show Notification.

Click the “Next” button, then click “Finish”.

4- Press on the back of the iPhone to activate a certain function:

iPhones running iOS 14 or later support a feature called (Back Tap) that allows you to set certain actions to be performed by double-clicking on the back of the iPhone or by triple-clicking.

You can use this feature to quickly launch a specific application that you use most often on your phone, or to quickly perform a set of system tasks; Such as: taking a screenshot, locking the phone, turning on silent mode, changing the volume and others. This feature also works great with auto-launching apps (shortcuts) and you can use it to activate accessibility features like: AssistiveTouch, VoiceOver, Zoom, etc.

To activate this feature on iPhone; You can follow these steps:

Go to (Settings) Settings on iPhone.

Click on the “Accessibility” option.

Click on the option (Touch).

Scroll down until you get to the (Back) option and tap on it.

You will see two options (double-click) Double-back or (triple-click) Triple-back, from which, press the option that suits you to perform certain tasks when you press the back of the phone.

By clicking on the option, you will see a list of tasks that you can customize. Select the action you want to perform from this list.

5- Measurement of the straightness of various bodies:

Your iPhone has a Measure app that allows you to measure the distance between two objects. This app also has a “Level” feature that determines if an object is completely straight or flat, and this feature can be useful when you hang a painting on the wall in your home as you can use it to make sure the painting is installed in the correct position. a completely straight path.

To use this feature, follow these steps:

Open the “Measurement” app on iPhone and tap “Level”.

Hold your iPhone close to your body to check the tilt level.

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