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10 bitcoiners respond: video series about bitcoin to travel on La Bitcoineta

“10 bitcoiners respond” is the name of La Bitcoineta’s new journey. It is a series of video interviews that brings together connoisseurs of the bitcoin ecosystem to share their opinions and experiences related to the first of the cryptocurrencies.

A new episode is broadcast every 15 days via streaming at 7 pm (Argentine time), through YouTube. The first three chapters have already been released, out of a total of 13 . To enjoy them it will only be necessary to visit the social networks of La Bitcoineta, the vehicle that disseminates educational information about decentralized technologies.

In the first chapter, bitcoiners answer the question “ Who can access bitcoin ? ” Among them, the lawyer Carlos Maslatón points out: “Anyone can access bitcoin. Anyone can operate in the bitcoin ecosystem… In itself, the system is open to all and works very democratically and participatory. What’s more, the essence of this is that, for it to work well, there must be as much participation as possible. ”

Why bitcoin? “Because it works, because it works,” says Franco Amati in the second chapter of the series. “If any of us can use bitcoin for something they need, great. If something else works for you, great too. What I like about bitcoin is that it doesn’t have a company behind it, it doesn’t have a foundation behind it. He doesn’t even have a person behind him that we can identify, nothing more than Satoshi Nakamoto who is no more and we don’t even know who he is “, adds the bitcoiner.

In the third chapter premiered on January 29 , bitcoiners answer the question “does price matter?” “From a maximalist point of view, it doesn’t matter because you know that there are rules in the protocol that make you not care about the price because you know that it will always increase. You know it is scarce. That there is a halving and that there will always be a monetary cut. You know that if miners are the natural sellers of the market and they earn less and less, it is because there will always be more demand for bitcoin. More locals will use it. Many people do not realize it, but bitcoin has a huge adoption, “says trader and popularizer Camilo Rodríguez.

The Bitcoineta now flies in the digital world

La Bitcoineta, the project that since 2018 has traveled more than 40,000 kilometers in Argentina and other Latin American countries such as Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia, had to leave the routes before the restrictions and social distancing measures that are implemented to try to stop the advance of COVID-19. “But we adapt, we reinvent ourselves and our spirit remains intact,” says the team that continues with its task of disseminating information about bitcoin, blockchain and their use cases.

So the virus did not turn off The engine of La Bitcoineta, rather evolved towards the digital world. It even became a Transformer, showing the magic of virtualization when it was unveiled at the end of last year at LaBitConf.

“The community is already too big for Bitcoineta to stop, so from the first day of the emergency shutdown in Argentina we carried out a series of webinars supported by the different communities of the southern cone that we had met during our tour. These talks covered different topics and we had international and national speakers . La Bitcoineta is already worldwide, but we have always gone for more and in the series of videos we added a virtual character because for us La Bitcoineta is a symbol and regardless of whether or not we can be on the road, our message is amplified in every corner of Latin America regardless of race, ethnicity, age or planet. ”

Sebastián Contreras (Chevy), member of the La Bitcoineta team at LaBitConf.

On the other hand, La Bitcoineta is also addressing the massive dissemination campaign It’s time for Bitcoin that was launched this January 28 simultaneously in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. As reported by CriptoNoticias, the promotional activity of the first of the cryptocurrencies will include advertisements on bus lunettes, posters on public roads, murals, T-shirts and a plane that will travel to seaside resorts in coastal towns.

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