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Zarif attacks Johnson after expressing concern about Iran's nuclear activities

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized today, Tuesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over a plan to increase his country’s stockpile of nuclear warheads, while constantly expressing his concern about Iran’s efforts to acquire atomic weapons.

Zarif said on Twitter: “In absolute hypocrisy … Boris Johnson is concerned about Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon..On the same day, he announced that his country will increase its stockpile of nuclear weapons.”

He added: “Iran believes, in contrast to the United Kingdom, that nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction are brutal and must be eliminated.”

The British government decided to raise the ceiling of its nuclear arsenal for the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union at the conclusion of the Strategic Review on Security, Defense and Foreign Policy, which was published on Tuesday.

This strategic review, which is the first Since the UK’s complete withdrawal from the European Union, one of the most important reviews since the Cold War. The review considered Russia to be a major threat to Britain, and showed a desire to focus on the Indo-Pacific region.

One of the major steps in the 100-page report Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present to MPs is to increase the ceiling. For the United Kingdom’s stockpile of nuclear warheads from 180 to 260, an increase of about 45%, to put an end to the gradual disarmament process that has been implemented since the fall of the Soviet Union thirty years ago.

According to the document, this change Taken after the commitment made by London in 2010 to reduce armaments by the mid-2020s, it is justified by “a growing set of technological and ideological threats.”

In the introduction to the review, Boris Johnson wrote: “History has shown that democratic societies are The strongest supporter of an open and resilient international order. ” “To be open, we must also be safe,” he added. This, he said, requires strengthening the British nuclear program.

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