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Yu-Gi-Oh 2.0 Tables ‘Atmanbar Up’ budget: a woman safetystartup companies in the focus

Uttar Pradesh finance minister Suresh Khanna on feet friday first budget of Yogi Adityanath government in that it second term in Legislative Assembly. noting that economy of Khanna said the country is improving rapidly. “We think we will succeed in Taking economy to 1 trillion dollars.

Share Tweet as budget Adityanath Books in Hindi, “There is a decision for Self-reliance in Uttar Pradesh in The budget. “

scheduling budgetfinance minister He said 10,000 startups and 100 incubators set up in The next five years in The state to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in various fields among the youth. as part of Luke Kalyan’s goal was Sankalp Batra, 2022 set To distribute two crore smartphones and tablets in The next Five years among the youth of Khanna said urban and rural areas to make it technically efficient.

I read here for live Updates of budget

sitting next For the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said freely tablet/ The smartphone distribution system was launched as of December 25, 2021, according to which about 12 tablets / smartphones were launched made available for the provinces for distribution.

Under the scheme of Swami Vivekananda Yuva Sashaktikaran, clause of R1,500 crore suggested for The financial year 2022-2023.

Unemployment said rate in The state was 18 percent in June 2016 who came down to 2.9 percent in April 2022.

“In the last five years, more From 9.25 lakh young people certified By the mission of developing skills in Uttar Pradesh by providing training to them in various Species of short term training programs in Which 4.22 lakh young people were employed in various Reputable companies. “

Finance minister She said for The safety and security of women And country girls government she has set up “Women’s Help Desk” in all 1,535 police stations in the state.

I’m classy women sharing in the police government 10,370 . has been allocated women The cops beat 2,740 women police personnel across regions. Besides, there are three armed regional women police battalions in It will be Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Budown set up for maximum sharing of women. Suggest a verdict of R20 crores for The safety and empowerment of women And skill development Under the mission of Shakti program in partial and small Industry wide.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs proposed an item of R523.34 crores for Application of chart in Lucknow, Gautam Pod Nagar, Agra, Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Prayagraj for The safety of women Under the Safe City Scheme.

Khana also suggest budget of R276.66 crores for a special Safety force Covenant with the mission of Safety of Courts and historical and religious places, including Ayodhya, Kashi, and Mathura.

that amount of R250 crore suggested for Safety equipment and weapons for District police stations. Forensic medicine said science Institute is running set up in Lucknow.

Finance minister Suresh Khanna said ATS centers will be set up in Meerut, Bahreesh, Kanpur, Azmgarh and Rampur. Apart from this, the special security force UP . was formed for Security of Important Institutions of above, for who ruled of RRs 276.66 crore has been proposed. pantry of RRs 730.88 crore suggested for The second phase of Scheme UP-112.

Khanna said UP is ranked at the top in Annual Submission financial help worth R6000 per 250 crore farmers from the scheme of Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi. UP said he also The first Country in The country has five highways. Khanna added that three green energy corridors will be established in Bundelkhand.

trying to develop sportssuggested FM setting up of India Free Centers in every neighborhood of The country under the center one-District one-sports a plan. no new Taxes are proposed in The budget.

(with input from UP bureau)


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