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‘You’ve admitted your failures’: Delhi Police High Court over attack on CM Kejriwal Residence

Weeks after nearly 200 protesters belonging to the youth wing of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BYJM) They broke through the police barriers outside Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Residence swipe main Delhi High Court Gate on The two questioned the security arrangements made By the police to prevent the accident she is clear it was there failure.

“This type of Incident at home of Any constitutional officer, be it the president minister … could be a judge, any other union minister… This is a very disturbing situation of affairs This type of something can in The first place occur or these bastards should succeed in . said division bench of Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sangi and Judge Naveen Chawla.

Ask the police explain how The barricades were breached by the protestersThe court told the police: “So people You can break through three barriers, then you need To seriously consider your competence and performance.”

The court had earlier seen the sealed case report submitted by the police. On March 31, it asked the Delhi Police to file a case report within two weeks on investigated out with it. “Once there is security failureIt’s something that has to come with Consequences,” the court said after reading the report.

court addedWe are definitely not satisfied with your report with Regarding endopast. You only admitted your failures to a breach at point A, point B, and then point C. How could the police be heard saying this.”

in the order passed on On Monday, the court said, the Delhi Police Commissioner should Ask whether and why security arrangements are appropriate for they failure. court also city ​​senior police officer asked for fix the responsibility for The demise of “which was acknowledged to have occurred” and the matter was listed for next he heard on May 17.

The court was hearing the petition of MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) demanding the constitution. of a special Investigation team (SIT) headed by a retired Supreme Court Justice for Independent investigation into attack.

Bhardwaj also Investigate sought in role of police officers who they were responsible for Maintaining the security cordon outside President minister housing. In addition to seeking to get direction for proper security outside Kejriwal residence, petition also praying for Commitment of previous court order for road safety outside He. She.

Recognizing that the violence was directed against Kejriwal and his government familyBhardwaj argued that the violence was intended to subdue highest elected official of The national capital before use of force And therefore , also The elected government of The national capital. “This was live attack on democracy,” as stated in the petition.

Delhi police indicted of completely give up dutyBhardwaj claimed that the police “were manual.” in glove with Fools are like fools, they are members of judgment party in Center government” Which controls The force. In the past Well, there was attack on Residence of vice president minister and then also The police didn’t take anything steps To stop the attackers, he claimed.

“It is because of this inaction and complicity of Police who encourage BJP goons to get her pregnant out Repeated attacks on elected Officials of Government of NCT (National Capital Territory) of Delhi,” Bhardwaj said as well in The plea.

Doubt the Delhi Police will take it out fair investigation in In the case, Bhardwaj further argued that when the attacks on elected Officials in Delhi has become a matter of routine, if responsibility is not so fixedThen public you will lose confidence in The rule of Law.


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