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YouTuber arrested in Kashmir over video of BJP member Nupur Sharma

New Delhi:

A YouTuber has been arrested from Kashmir for He posted a video of him beheading a doll of Arrested BJP spokesperson. The police said the video was caused Fear and anxiety between public.

“Faisal Wani, who is based in Kashmir, has been arrested on YouTube, and he uploaded a video condemning on YouTube and it against public calm and caused Fear and anxiety public in general Jammu and Kashmir Police said” in a permit.

Earlier today, Faisal Wani deleted the video and posted Apology on His YouTube channel.

“yesterday I was made VFX video about Nupur Sharma which went viral over India. An innocent person like me got involved in Faisal Wani said in New video today.

he is also He said he didn’t intend to hurt feelings of people from other religions. Mr. Wani said he has deleted his viral video.

In his apology, Mr. Wani said, “I hope you make this video viral as well like My other video. This is it how everyone will know I apologize for my actions.”

https://www.youtube.com/h? v = l3dLaXBfK0s

Earlier this month, the BJP suspended Nupur Sharma and expelled Delhi’s BJP media Naveen Jindal unit over Their controversial comments on prophet Mohammed.

two people Dozens were killed and dozens arrested after demonstrations and clashes spread across the country in Some cities including in Howrah near Kolkata, over Sharma and Jindal statements.

Comments made over Two weeks ago led to anger in India and abroad, with Several West Asia countries demand a public Apologize and call the Indian envoys and see the calls for a boycott of Indian products.

India called it “opinions”. of Marginal elements, “but this did not calm the anger of Islamic groups.” in India, who They demand the arrest of politicians.


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