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Young Indian office sealed, cops outside Sonia Gandhi’s house: 10 points

New Delhi:
The office of indian young man in Delhi has been stamped by the Directorate of Enforcement over An issue linked to the National Herald. Police have been deployed outside Residence of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, recently questioned by the ED.

Here are the top 10 developments in this is big story:

  1. Sources in Offices Implementation Directorate said of The young Indian was temporarily sealed as he wasn’t there one from others side to me in Who can perform searches for their attendance yesterday and today.

  2. chief officer, senior party Commander Malekargon was called out to complete the quest. As when the authorized person introduces himself for At the conclusion of the research, the sources said that the seal will be lifted.

  3. In addition to a temporary police station personnel outside 10 Janpath Road Residence of Sonia Gandhi, Police also Temporarily fortified the roads leading to the House of Congress.

  4. Congress holds a meeting of that it senior Leaders including Salman Khurshid, Malikarjun Kharej, Pawan Bansal and B Chidambaram. party Under siege” , senior party Chief Jeram Ramesh tweeted, “Our headquarters have been surrounded by Delhi Police, and homes of INC President and ex-President, this is the worst form of revenge politics. We will not offer! We will not be silenced! We will continue to raise voice against Injustice and failure of Modi Sarkar! “

  5. “National Herald started by Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel..etc to engage people of India in Freedom struggle. Today, the investigative agency ED is being misused to demonize and discredit it of Congress. Not only against usED . is used against all opposition party in country to destabilize governments,” senior Congress leader Adir Ranjan Chowdhury said.

  6. The Execution Directorate raided the offices of National Herald in Delhi Herald House yesterday. eleven more locations She was associated with AJL also raided.

  7. The raids came days after Sonia Gandhi was interrogated in alleged money laundering Newspaper related issue. He has ED also Rahul Gandhi asked – Sonia Gandhi son And the former Congress President – for about 50 hours in the case.

  8. Yesterday’s raid was followed by violent protests in Congress. It’s called “revenge politics,” and Jeram Ramesh tweeted, “The raids on Herald House, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg is part of it of continued attack against The main opposition in India – the Indian National Congress”.

  9. YIL took over Associated Journals Ltd., which runs National Herald. He. She took over 800 crore in assets of AJL and according to the Income Tax Department, this should It is considered asset of Young Contributors to India Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, for that should pay taxes. The Congress has claimed that Young Indian is a non-profit corporation, and therefore the shareholders cannot achieve anything money Of which assets.

  10. The Enforcement Department argued that Young Indian did not do any charitable work work The interest cannot be claimed. Her only transaction was a transfer of in AJL debt. Congress responded by saying that the newspaper is a charitable foundation.

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