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You only have two questions for MLAs who switched to Shinde Camp, says Aaditya

The leader of Shiv Sena and former Maharashtra minister Aditya Thackeray on Saturday said he only had two questions for The 40 and party MLAs who side with Eknath Shinde leading to autumn of Uddhav Thackeray government. “Why were you stabbed in the back? us When we gave you everything and why haven’t you quit yet face Elections as they happen in asked Thackeray at CNN-News18 Town Hall.

Speaking at the event Thackeray Shot down Criticisms of it and him fatherand then CM Uddhav Thackeray, remains inaccessible or the party’s succession plan is aimed in his favour.

“I’ve always been around. I gave ministries This is otherwise no one Volunteers for. But when you have ambitions and pressures you can’t talk about ofYou are jump He said.

They switched the goal left, right and center. Blame our allies for destroy their political fortunes. Talk about Hindutva…tomorrow they may blame me for wearing Everyday blue shirt.

“Let’s let the Eknath Shinde and BJP’s camp run,” said Thackeray, as he challenged the Eknath Shinde camp and the BJP in the elections. face BMC elections now, no problem. resign and face election. We will accept public The state… Mumbaikars know what we did for The city. Be it during Covid-19 and honesty with Numbers to sustainable developmentI suspect people He would rather be run by Mumbaikars than to be dictated from somewhere else.

List the works of Uddhav Thackeray governmentThe former minister He said: “This was first time we had heavy monsoon but Gandhi market area And Handmata did not do that flood. “

on the controversy over metro car shed in “We just stopped .” Thackeray said at Ari colony in Mumbai work in Ari. There are some flaws with this line. An escalation of Rs 10,000 crore took place before December 2019. According to what rule? no one knows.”

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