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“You have no income”, says Partha Chatterjee traces ED ₹8 crore stashed away in Banks | India latest news

A week after his arrest by the Executive Directorate (ED) in Alleged teacher recruitment scam, former Trinamol Conference (TMC) leader Partha Chatterjee on Sunday he has no source of Income and amount of RRs 50 crore seized in cash property of kolkata of And his close aide, Arpita Mukherjee, was not his property.

Chatterjee made Remarks to reporters when he was taken to a hospital in Jukka, near Kolkata for Periodic examination by order of a special The court that brought him back in ED incubation until August 3rd.

Asked if he owns money “It is not mine, nor mine, nor mine…..I have no income,” Chatterjee said.

Mukherjee claimed, according to ED officials just On the contrary, during the interrogation, Chatterjee said to him men cache cash in her apartment and she was never allowed into those rooms.

ED officials said they were tracked more From six bank accounts in It is a cumulative amount of Around R8 crore rupees were found. It was Mukherjee holder of bone of Calculations, and ED official Aware of The development He said.

It was Mukherjee also Transferred to the same hospital for Medical examination but she remained calm on Sunday.

“you will know When the time is right,” Chatterjee said when asked to identify those he suspected of plotting against for him.

ED . officials were also trying to track bank accounts of two of companies against For which property has been destroyed so far.

The investigation revealed, Mukherjee obtained two figures for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) account. for manages its business.

Although the emergency department has so far raided three apartments used by Mukherjee and confiscated documents relating to at least a dozen apartments. more Properties, none of which have been registered in The name of Either Mukherjee or Chatterjee.

The two apartments are registered in Belgaria and the four apartments are in Haridevpur condominium in Names of two companies of Who Mukherjee and her brother-in-Lau, Kalyan Dhar, recorded as directors.

Among the two companies, Sentry Engineering Private Ltd . is registered on January 16, 2001, ten years before the arrival of the Transitional Military Council power. The other one was registered by Echhay Entertainment Private Ltd on October 29, 2014.

Mukherjee also She has four nails art studios in Kolkata and Suburbs ED found After being interrogated driver And the people who Knew her.

In response to Chatterjee’s claim that he never owned any of it moneyTMC State general secretary Kunal Ghosh said, “If that’s the case true Why was he silent when he was arrested or during? next Husband of days? Tomorrow, he might say he doesn’t know Mukherjee or pretends not to be sure about his identity. he is should Reveal everything before the court.”

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