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Yemen..Houthi militia closes a road linking Lahj and Taiz governorates

The Houthi militia closed, on Tuesday, a road linking the governorates of Taiz and Lahj in the Qubaita district of Lahj governorate, in southern Yemen.

The residents confirmed that they saw bulldozers making large sand barriers inside the valley.

They added that Wadi Hijla is used by the people as an alternative road to the main road linking between Lahj and Taiz, which is the Karsh-Al-Shareja-Al-Rahda line, which has been closed by the Houthi militia since mid-March 2015 until today. The areas of Karsh – Al Shuraija – and Al Dubai, all the way to the isolated areas of the suburb east of the district. The Wadi al-Sahar al-Khamis-Dhamran road in the Qubaita district has become a main road between Lahj and Taiz in the north, despite the congestion and the flow of torrential rain that washed away dozens of vehicles and trucks carrying goods.


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