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Yemen: Arrest of a Houthi women's spy cell in Marib

Yemeni security sources revealed, on Saturday evening, the arrest of a Houthi spy cell consisting of eight women in the city of Ma’rib, northeast of the country, as part of thwarting repeated attempts by cells working for the Houthi militia in this city.

Al-Arabiya TV quoted these sources as saying that this women’s cell found in its possession individual mine plasters and locating devices.

The sources confirmed that the arrested women were placed in a Mukhabarat detainee, and initial investigations revealed They reported their association with a number of people in Marib, and messages about people who had been assassinated were found on their phones.

The sources indicated that the arrest of the cell members came after a month-long intelligence monitoring and tracking operation, when they were arrested in a house in the center of Marib city.

Sources in the governorate police confirmed Marib told Al-Arabiya.net, that after the completion of the initial investigations, a statement will be issued about this operation, which he described as “specific” to control a female spy cell that worked for a while in Marib, confirming that the security forces and the army arrested a number of Houthi cells at times. A precedent was aimed at stabilizing the governorate and limiting the army’s movements and civilian objects to bomb it by the Houthis.

The Yemeni Ministry of Defense had recently presented confessions to a spy cell working for the Houthi militia, in which it confirmed the presence of experts from Iran and others of other nationalities They manage the Houthi missile force, which targeted civilians and military sites in Marib, by raising the coordinates of the spy cell.

The movie “Threads of Labor” revealed a dangerous part of the dirty espionage work run by the Houthi militia, out of concern for security and tranquility within Its war on civilians in the governorates and areas that it targets with missiles, including Marib.

The confessions of a cell member and the seized evidence and documents confirmed that he met with the leader included in the list of terrorist leaders called Abdul Hakim Al-Khaiwani, who runs the so-called Security and Intelligence Service in a house in the capital Sana’a, in the presence of leaders responsible for the so-called missile force of the militia.

The cell member reported that the Houthi leader Zaid Al-Moayad and his brother Ali Al-Moayad told him that among those present at that session were two Iranians and one Iraqi responsible for the militia’s missile actions.

In At that meeting, the agent (Bassem Al-Samit) received detailed instructions from the Iranian experts in the mechanism of working with them and was provided with Iranian-made programs, devices and technologies related to providing coordinates and maps.

The confessions proved the involvement of senior militia leaders in direct targeting with missiles. Through devices managed by Iranian experts and others of other nationalities, the coordinates are submitted to them by the spy cells, which aim to add to the homes of citizens schools, mosques and markets, and to raise the coordinates of the movements and meetings of army leaders and graduation ceremonies for military payment and celebration

Last September, a military court in the city of Ma’rib ruled to execute five people accused of communicating with the Houthi group, carrying out “assassinations against officers in the National Army, and participating in planting IEDs and explosives targeting military machinery and equipment.” According to an indictment.

The court issued a verdict of indicting the accused “Taher Ali Daoud Al-Merhebi” and others who were found guilty of the crimes of training gangs and armed cells to kill, bomb and torture.

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