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Yemen..a government source calls for a response to efforts to complete the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement

A source in the Yemeni government formed under the Riyadh Agreement called for responding to the commendable and continuous efforts of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to push for the completion of the terms of the agreement and to overcome any discrepancies and points of contention through dialogue. At dawn on Wednesday, the official Yemeni government source said that returning to completing the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement and showing goodwill from everyone is what should be the case, especially as the military, security, living, economic and service situation for citizens has reached a level that threatens to target a catastrophe. Everyone without exception.

This came hours after the issuance of a statement by the Southern Transitional Council (one of the parties to the Riyadh Agreement), which accused what it called the “second party”, in reference to the legitimate government, of continuing to obstruct the completion of the implementation of the agreement. The terms of the agreement, and working to weaken the role of the consensus government, and warned “that his patience has reached its limit and will not last longer unless urgent measures and measures are taken to complete the implementation of the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement, foremost among which is the appointment of governors and security directors for the southern governorates and a new administration for the Central Bank.”

He also threatened to take the position of those who continued His participation in the government (formed under the Riyadh Agreement). Nor to the requirements of partnership and harmony, which are the essence of the formation of the government and the feature that governs its work in harmony and responsibility.”

He stressed the urgent need to stay away from everything that would allow for the creation of division and fragmentation, no matter how small, in the unity of the position and the goal to complete the end of the Houthi coup Iranian-backed It cannot be used whatever the motives or reasons.

He also stressed that interest, wisdom and duty require adhering to points of consensus and dedicating every effort, possibility and moment in order to unite forces and ranks to confront terrorism, coup and Iran’s bloody project that targets everyone without exception. , and treat The economic situation that crushes the people mercilessly, recalling the grave effects of the government’s absence and obstruction of its efforts to remedy the economic situation, improve services, achieve security and support the military battle to end the Houthi militia coup and the Iranian bloody project in Yemen.

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