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Xbox’s Decision to Delay GTA 6 Release Sparks Debate Among Fans

Grand Theft Auto Six was one of the games people looked forward to the most. Even though we hear rumors and leaks about the game now and then, Rockstar still needs to give us solid proof about GTA 6. Fans have been worried that this is because the game is only playable on older platforms.

The Xbox Series S, to be exact. Yes, the Series S is a great little system, but it doesn’t even come close to the PlayStation 5 or Series X performance. The inside isn’t magnificent. Fans are wondering if this system will slow down the release of GTA 6.


In a new post on the GTA 6 Reddit page, a user asked if the Xbox Series S will delay the game’s release. Again, the fan’s worry is good since the console’s insides aren’t perfect. And that might make it take Rockstar longer than usual to make the game work best on the console.

But is that going to happen? One Reddit user thought of an excellent user. This Redditor says that GTA 6 will also come to PC. And since that’s the case, Rockstar must ensure the game works well on as many systems as possible. Ultimately, it matters little if the system is strong or weak.

In other words, Xbox Series S might not stop GTA Six from coming out. Rockstar can quickly lower the number of NPCs, turn off ray tracing and other fancy effects, and cap the game’s frame rate at 30 FPS for that system. What about the Xbox One and PS4? It’s possible that the game won’t come out for those game systems.

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