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Written apology from the Congress leader to the President for Rashtrapatni’s statement

Congressman Adir Ranjan Chaudhry has apologized to President Draupadi Murmo

New Delhi:

Congressman Adir Ranjan Chaudhry has apologized to President Draupadi Murmo for He calls her “Rashtrapatni.” in a media An interview earlier this week.

“I writing to express my regret for Accidentally using an incorrect word to describe the position you hold. I assure you it was a slip of the tongue. “I apologize and ask you to accept the same,” Mr Chaudhry wrote. in Letter to President Mormo of the country first Chief of the tribes community.

It was BJP also Congress President Sonia Gandhi demanded an apology party leader made The comment.

Mr. Chaudhry the Leader of Conference in Lok Sabha, had used the ‘Rashtrapatni’ note while speaking to reporters while visiting party protests over Host of Issues.

BJP insisted comment by Mr. Choudary was not a slip of Tongue as the leader of the conference claimed.

“It wasn’t a slip of the tongue. If you watch the clip, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury clearly (referred to by President Murmu as) Rashtrapati twice and then called her ‘Rashtrapati’ said Minister of Law Kirin Rieju. news ANI Agency. “Things like this should can’t be taken lightly” added.

Friday the leader of the Congress party also He wrote to Speaker Lok Sabha to clarify his position on Subject. Congress Lok Sabha MP also It was alleged that Union Minister Smriti Irani was “shouting” by name of President Droupadi Murmu “without the prefix Madame or Smt” during her speech in The house, the way that ‘lives up to degrading’ of The highest office of Country.

“This obviously amounts to an insult to prestige of The office of Your Excellency. as a result demand that way smt. An Iranian smriti who was addressing the president may be expelled from the proceedings of the house ” added in the message.

Ms. Irani had previously stated before Congress should Apologize in Parliament, and on Streets of India for every citizen of India.

“Sonia Gandhi, you have agreed to the humiliation of Draupadi Mormo. Sonya Ji acknowledged the humiliation of a woman in The highest constitutional post. Sonya Ji acknowledged the humiliation of poor woman who climb to highest Desk in this country. You agreed to the insult of Every Indian citizen. You, through male staff and leaders in Congress, continue to degrade the office of President of India. I apologize to the nation. Sonia Gandhi apologizes to the tribe, the poor and the woman of Union Minister Smriti Irani said: in Lok Sabha.

However, Choudary has held out on for claiming that comment I was on the account of “Slips of tongue ‘because of language Barrier – He’s Bengali and unskilled in Hindi – Punched by the BJP as a bad Excuse.

When the controversy broke out on Wednesday, it was Mr. Chaudhry made He. She clear He did not apologize to the BJP, but he will meet with President Mormo and apologize to her directly “a hundred times” if she says She was hurt by noticing him.

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