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World Bank approves $150 million loan for Punjab to improve state finances, and service delivery: The Tribune India

Washington, September 20

World Bank Board of Directors of CEOs on Tuesday approved a loan of 150 million dollars for the Indian state of Punjab help Run the country better financial Resources and optimization access to me public services.

The international financial institute, in Bian, he said so support Efforts of the state to strengthen institutional capacities of various government Departments, financial risk management and communication policy choices support sustainable growth.

“Punjab growth It was below Ability. Mix of Finance challenges Institutional capacity constraints mean that scarce resources are poorly distributed development Priorities’ statement added.

The new projects will support the states development By enhancing and utilizing planning, budgeting and monitoring functions digital technologyin addition to the increase accountability in The public Purchase systems by supporting Implementation at the state level of new legal and policy repairs.

The World Bank is pleased to be a partner of the state of Punjab in State effort to deliver in a timely manner, cost- effective and good-Quality public services, which is critical for Inclusive developmentAuguste Tanu Kwame, World Bank Country Director in India Quotes in Statement.

“this is new project will support Application of the states new policy data that aims to collect various social protection initiatives and reduce Possible leakage while providing essential services “Kwame added.

The project Will lead two initiatives: A performance will present existing grants system To motivate municipal companies to improve service delivery. Second, it will show the delivery of 24 x 7 water supply in Select regions in the cities of Amritsar and Ludhiana. This will improve water delivery systems and reduce Water leak. The success of These pilots are expected to offer great potential for statewide-up of improved Delivery Service.

“The project he is using As a whole-of-government’The approach that will ensure who – which various departments in Punjab State government In order to enhance its efficiency in Management public Sources. performance-related intergovernmental finance transfers will stimulate improved Management of cities and delivering services to citizens,” said Dhruv Sharma and Bhavna Bhatia, World Bank task force leaders. of The project.

The loans amounting to 150 million USD have a maturity date of 15 years including grace period of six The most famous statement added.

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