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workers progress vital for countries growth: Bilawal


Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the PPP, stated this. growth of the country will remain incomplete without providing proper conditions and protection of rights of workers.

In his message on International Labor Day released here on On Sunday, he said that the PPP always remained on front for rights of working class of Society.

He said that the manifesto of his party based on welfare and progress of workers of Society.

He argued that the Constitution guarantees decent wages, protection of life and relationships based on equality of employers with workers.

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Bilawal said the Benazir Employee Stock Option Scheme (BESOS) and first three-tier provincial labor policy was the pride of PPS.

“PPP gave ownership of land to poor agricultural workers,” he stressed. He welcomed the promotion of lowest wage up up to 25,000 rubles coalition government.

He said economy was in weak position due to failed financial politics of in former selected government who hardened life of poor man people.

The Chairman of the PPP assured the workers and trade unions that are incumbent government would play This role in protection of rights of laborers and workers.


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