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Women’s press clubs and foreign correspondents receive an eviction notice

Directorate of Ministry real estate of Housing and Urban Affairs sent notices to the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) and the Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC) to vacate their designated huts as per their working periods. soon End.

Notice sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on May 4 with Theme “Keep of Government Residence Bungalow No. AB-19, Mathura Road, New Delhi Dedicated to Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia “- moved”in Initial approval of Competent authority for retention” of Bungalow for Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia for interval up Until July 31, 2022.

Therefore, you are requested to find suitable accommodation and arrange for the eviction of the aforementioned house on or before July 31, 2022.”

Send the notification to the president of The Foreign Correspondents Club has been educated to the Ministry of Media and broadcast.

A similar notice has been sent to the IWPC about Bungalow No. 5, Windsor Place. Addressing the President of the IWPC, it states: “You are requested to … find suitable accommodation and arrange for the eviction of the above-mentioned place house on or before July 31, 2022.”

a senior Ministry of Housing official said, asking not to be named: “Periods of It was both clubs for Approximately over Contract now and their work periods expire on July 31. We asked them to leave and search for other accommodations.

Shebna Jain, President of the IWPC, said, “It is a routine procedural matter. We have been granted an extension. Letter says that government has agreed in Principle of lease renewal for Three months. we in touch. Contact. Link with the authorities. We will ask them to do this (renew the lease) for for a longer period. to me past 25 years we’re getting these lease renewals.”

The lease has been renewed last in 2018 for Three years, she said. “The government Give us Renovation We absolutely hope that this year We will also renew the lease for “For a while,” she said.

On the line that talks about finding suitable housing and arranging an eviction,” the aforementioned house Jain said, “This is standard Figure, because if the rent is granted for Three months, it must be vacated after three months. This is a routine procedural thing. In the meantime, the lease is renewed for for a longer period. “

Monish Gupta, president of the Foreign Correspondents Club, said: “We have not received any such letter or letter information Like on Date.”

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Last month the Directorate of Real Estate (DoE) conducted a hut eviction exercise for a number of of Union Ministers during their tenure. She expelled MP Chirag Baswan from the one-storey building designated for him father, the late Ram Vilas Paswan; Ram Shankar Katharia of the BJP, 7th Member of Parliament Moti Lal Nehru Marg; union minister PC Sarangi from 10 Pandit Pant Marg; And former Education Minister Ramesh Pokhryal Nishank of 27, Safdarjung Road, the bungalow which has been allocated to Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia last year.


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