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Woman who survived fatal A40 Range Rover crash begged driver slow down down’

Woman who survived a fatal crash on A40 spoke out for in first time about how she begged driver slow down down”.

Zamarod Arif, 26, said she ‘felt every fall’ car flew into air and onto the railroad tracks after the turn off road next to Park Royal station in London in up up to 100 mph in early hours of Monday.

Ms Arif, who was the passenger in the front seat and the only one one wearing seat belt described crash as “like Existence in tsunami” because she was thrown inside of Range Rover car.

She remembered how one of in first people on the stage of in crash told her to pray since he didn’t think she would out alive.

Range Rover crashes over fences into Tesla charging station

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Her best friend, Yagmur Ozden, 33, deceased in in crash when she was thrown out of the back passenger seat due to speeding vehicle crashed into metal barriers and into a nearby Tesla charging station.

The driver of Reed Al Mousawi was also thrown from car and badly wounded. He remains in coma in St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London.

Speaking with MailOnlineMs. Arif recalls that neither Ms. Ozden nor Mr. Al Mousavi listened to her when she told them to put on your seat belts.

Moments before the crash, Ms. Arif said that she and Ms. Ozden were pleading driver slow down down.

“Rida loved drive fast and he loves to tease people when they in in car. we were going like this fast as soon like us left Wish Lounge,” Ms. Arif said.

“When we got on A40 I told Rida to slow down down. We stopped at red light near the BP garage and then Reed started fast. He just kept going faster. I told him to slow down down and touched his hand. Yagmur was also telling him to slow down down.

“She had a previous bad experience and didn’t like going fast. We were both afraid.”

Ms. Arif said she was conscious the entire time. crash and “felt every fall”

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Not long before they made a career off road, Ms. Ozden “shouted out there was something in road”, which caused Mr. Al-Musawi to veer off car and loss of control.

The beautician broke his leg and broke his arm in in the crash but escaped serious injury.

Description of the crash she said, “I was in in car conscious all the time. I felt every fall. I felt everything. I watched Tsunami movie (Impossible) three days before with Yağmur and there was a girl hit Tsunami.

“Water hit her left right and in the center, and it felt like what. it was the worst experience of my life. I am like this lucky to be alive.”

lying on track after the crash, Ms. Arif could see Mr. Al Mousavi on platform, alive and panting. She couldn’t see Mrs Ozden and later found out she died.

Miss Ozden family described her as an “angel” who was “very funny and could cheer up the saddest person.

In tribute family said, “She had an amazing connection with her daughter And her daughter will always cherish the moments she had with her mother”.

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