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Woman hits food delivery agent with shoes, kicks him

at one Point, until the woman kicked the person

video of A woman hits a food delivery agent in the middle of back road on social media. the incident took place in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The woman said she was injured after hitting the delivery agent’s bike with Its okay.

In the video, the lady hits the delivery agent with her shoes. It continues to do this even when a file people Gathered around her ask her to stop. So it’s at some point kicks the person.

according to post on social mediaEyewitnesses said the woman was speaking for herself on Phone while riding a two-wheeler. few also pointing to out That the driver was riding on The wrong side of The Road.

Accepting that he is the delivery agent mistake he entered wrong Lane, several people on The social media podium, condemned way The woman coped with the situation.

“He had mistakebut the way Disrespecting him cannot be justified, “User posted in Indian.

Another wrote that the woman behaved badly while she was should I apologize to the delivery agent. “she should I apologize to the man,” read his book comment.

in August last yeara woman similarly rang a taxi driver at busy overlap in Lucknow. Cab charge driver of tries to run Ha and the woman slapped him over and over again in Presence of traffic movement personnel. The taxi driver denied the allegations and sought justice.


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