Woman from Texas wanted for supposed murder of elite cyclist who had a relationship with her boyfriend, authorities say

Anyone with information The Marshals Service said it was strongly advised to contact the authorities about where Armstrong might be. in a news release last Friday.

wilson, who lived in San Francisco was in Austin, Texas for bicycling race when she was shot several times times in home of the friend she stayed with according to arrest filed affidavit in Travis County District Court.

The affidavit describes how both victim and suspect were in romantic relationship with same man, and detailed text messages and interviews with tipsters pointing out envy as possible motive.

In a day of the murder wilson is gone out for afternoon swim with Colin Strickland, a professional cyclist she dated. on and off insofar as last drop, according to the statement. At that time Strickland lived with Armstrong, his girlfriend.

Strickland told police that he had begun a romantic relationship. with Wilson during the two-week period in which he was separated from Armstrong, according to the affidavit. Strickland kept his relationship with Wilson after rekindling a relationship with Armstrong, according to an affidavit, admitted to trying to hide his messages. with her from Armstrong, changing Wilson’s name in his phone and deleting texts.

It is unclear if Wilson and Strickland were still in romantic relationship at the time of her death.

Armstrong contacted Wilson several times. times and in one the instance told her to “stay away” from Strickland, one of According to the affidavit, Wilson’s friends told investigators about it.

Strickland considered Wilson one of in best cyclists in in the world, he told the police, and VeloNews feature published on day of her death called her “the most victorious woman in American off the road scene”. Wilson won a series of horse racing in California this spring, the article notes, ahead of a trip to Austin.

Multiple law enforcement agencies involved in investigation got security camera footage of Armstrong car near house before Wilson body was found according to the testimony.

Within 24 hours of Wilson’s death, officers from the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force apprehended Armstrong. in connection with unrelated arrest warrant and spoke to her. However, the Austin police then claimed to have learned of Armstrong. arrest the warrant is invalid and she was told she could leave.

Armstrong asked to end the interview and left after the detectives started arguing with her about security camera the video that placed her car near crime the scene of the incident, the statement said.

ballistic evidence found on the stage of in killing compared to bullets test- fired from the firearm that Strickland bought for Armstrong, according to the affidavit. test showed that “the potential for the same firearms to be involved is significant”, document says.

Chris Boyett and Elizabeth Wolfe of CNN contributed to this report.



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