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‘Without changes in trade policy with India’


coalition government on Wednesday clarified that there are no changes in Pakistan policy on trade with India after the federal cabinet approved the appointment of Minister of Trade and Investment in Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.

development It has triggered assumptions that new government a decision was made to restore the bilateral trade with India, which has remained suspended since August 2019 when New Delhi canceled special status of disputed Jammu and Kashmir region.

“There’s no change in Pakistan policy on trade with India,” the Commerce Department said in a statement.

The statement said the ministry succeeded 57 trade missions in 46 countries which includes post of minister (trade and investments) in New Delhi.

” post in New Delhi exists for more than two decades and has nothing to do with operationalization of trade with India or something else in in current context,” he explained.

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It was further noted that current cycle for selection of Trade and Investment Officers (TIO), including for New Delhi was initiated in December 2021 and final recommendations of interview board sent to the Prime Minister’s Office on April 1, i.e. during previous governments term.

current government gave final endorsement of recommendations of previous mode for in selection of 15 TIO.

Thus, the meeting can not be seen. in context of any relaxation of trade restrictions with India.

Pakistan suspended bilateral trade with India in the of a series of measures to worsen relations with neighboring country after Narendra Modi government unilaterally changed in special status of disputed Kashmir region.

government of former prime minister Imran Khan in one paragraph considered the possibility of partial restoration of bilateral trade with India like result of back-channel diplomacy leading to the update of ceasefire agreement along the line of Control (LoC). The truce has been renewed in February 2021 and still holding.

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As part of in confidence-building measures, the two sides were to gradually restore bilateral trade and Imran Khan as in charge of the Department of Commerce made give welcome to import sugar and cotton from India. Economic Coordinating Committee (ECC) also approved decision but the federal cabinet blocked it for fear public back reaction.

development it is believed that this was seen as a failure back- direct efforts to bring the two nuclear neighbors closer together.

In April, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his Indian counterpart exchanged letters and expressed their desire to participate, but both forward their respective conditions. modi brought up in issue of alleged cross-border terrorism, while Shehbaz emphasized the resolution of long-standing Kashmiri dispute in to normalize relations.

Given the unstable political situation and coalition government perspectives of any major or visible breakthrough in relations between pakistan and india remain slim.


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