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With the help of Fujitsu partners, you are turbocharging value creation in your sales channel

The latest development will shortly provide a pre-selected, filtered list of leading regional experts and allow reseller and non-reseller partners to to interact with them directly or through a chat forum

The Covid19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in many businesses. This also results in rapid changes in the IT channel. Reliable partners help clients overcome business challenges, but often do not have the full range of skills to run an entire project on their own. By pooling their complementary skills, expertise and resources, partners can take advantage of more opportunities together without having to significantly expand their own expertise. A Fujitsu SELECT Ecosystem Platform

to quickly identify collaborators with the right skills and start working with them right away.

The Fujitsu Ecosystem Platform makes the entire process oiled. Fujitsu saves its partners time and energy by providing only the best regional solutions that partners can then incorporate into their own projects. Partners simply need to look for an ability, e.g. machine learning expertise or IoT service. Based on pre-validated options, they can contact one or more service providers directly. One-click collaboration within the platform

Fernanda Catarino, Fujitsu’s European Manager for Sales Partners, Associations and the Ecosystem said: “Our sales partners are currently called » frenemy « operate in an economy where companies that are once competitors are seen as potential cooperating partners. be able to create new business value with new combinations. With the latest development of the Ecosystem Platform, everyone can easily find the perfect partner and start working with them right away. “

The Ecosystem Platform also includes communities focusing on strategic areas (eg SAP, hybrid cloud, workplace, data-driven transformation) where partners can discuss recent business issues. they can share their opinions or ask for input from each other.

Sales partners, as reliable consultants, during the digital transformation

“Companies “As a trusted advisor, we want to involve sales partners to guide them through the digital transformation process. Alastair, Edwards, senior analyst at Canalys.

Christopher Pogue, Nuix’s vice president and head of strategic alliances, added: “Fujitsu has already done the lion’s share of the work by identified the best tools and service partners in key technology areas. The platform provides a searchable, filtered list of companies and solutions that can be immediately involved in the project – instead of having to browse through a list of all providers in the region with relevant skills. ”

On the Fujitsu Ecosystem Platform, users can easily see interactions with partners at the touch of a button. These can be “challenges” placed in conversations for support purposes or peer-to-peer messages sent directly through My Ecosystem Connect.

The Fujitsu Partner Ecosystem is open to resellers, service providers, consultants and technology experts who would like to share their “super-capabilities”. To become a member, you must register on the Fujitsu Partner Portal: www.fujitsu.com/ecosystem .

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