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With the exception of “1-2 exceptions”, all past military meetings on Credit: Khawaja Asif – Pakistan

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif on Wednesday stated that “except one or two exceptions”, all previous appointments in in military forces were on price.

Speech at a press conference in Islamabad with Finance Minister Miftah Ismail, he said the recommendations for heads of three military divisions – army, navy and aviation – were sent to prime minister who made in decision after consultation with other.

On the comments of PTI head Imran Khan at his rally in Faisalabad on Sunday, about the appointment of the upcoming commander-in-chief of the army, which caused controversy, said Asif former prime minister gave “new meaning” to his comments in Rally in Peshawar on Tuesday.

“This is being done within of thoughtful strategy what first you attack and make the institutions inconsistent and look at the reaction and then say, “I was talking about merit.”

In Faisalabad, Imran said PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif are doing everything…out attempts to bring their “beloved” army commander after the resignation of acting boss in November of this year. new army commander should to be elected on merit, he said, adding that Zardari and Nawaz were “traitors” and should can’t be trusted with fate of country.

Subsequently, in please clarify his comments on the appointment of Army Commander Imran said a day ago that his rivals were “distorting” his statements in order to pit him against against in military and the judiciary.

“My criticism of pakistani army constructive in nature”, former prime minister told the charged crowd in Peshawar. “What did I say wrongImran Khan asked. “I just asked for appointment of army commander on the foundation of merit,” he said, adding that merit-based appointments are mandatory to strengthen any institution.

Asif referred to the comments of the head of PTI and said that this is the situation. for PTI that even Imran’s confidants were silent, made apologies or avoided the question when asked for their opinion on leader’s comments.

“The president also dissociated himself from what Imran Khan said.”

Protection minister called on PTI chief will tell when army appointments weren’t made on price. “Our last business meeting, meeting of in current the commander-in-chief of the army was approved by them (PTI),” Asif said, adding that Imran could rarely praise anyone in in last three years since he made the chief of Army Staff General Qamar Jawed Bajwa.

He claimed that Imran confidence in the commander-in-chief of the army was so high that he himself did not preside over several important political meetings or briefings on security issues and left them to General Bajwa to preside over.

“Now that they no longer have the power of every man [of theirs] attacks our military leadership and conscious creating doubts and suspicions for forthcoming [army chief] business date, meeting.

Asif said that even if Imran’s point of view on merit is taken into account, he doubts the appointment made managed by PTI of former chief of Punjab minister Usman Buzdar and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmoud Khan were on merit or not.

Protection minister also lifted the laundry list of alleged corruption cases against the PTI government, such as the Peshawar BRT investigation, Toshakhana exile, legalization amount in Bahria Town and others, and asked if merit was considered in these questions too.

He also criticized PTI mode for allegedly not investigating various scandals during his tenure, such as shortages of sugar and wheat. “They didn’t investigate corruption cases on price. Was it merit? What merit is he talking about? of? As if added.

He claimed that people inside PTI refused Imran and did not one defended him for his latest comments.

Meanwhile, Ismail spoke about the allegations against Farhat Shahzadi – also known as Farah Khan and close assistant of Imran Bushra’s wife Bibi – and asked if her alleged actions were also on merit or in knowledge of Imran.

He named on the head of PTI should come to the press information department (PID) and give simple answers in “yes or no” to three questions: “Did Farah take money for transfers and publications in Punjab, made by Imran know about these actions himself and could these actions be committed without his approval and sanction?

Ismail also claimed to know people who personally told Imran about Bazdar’s alleged corruption.

Finance minister repeated that Imran should come in pid and give answers to all of these allegations, including that his wife allegedly took jewelry from someone, and whether any services were provided in come back. He added that would add a lot of weight in Imran’s story about the fight against corruption and merit.

Meanwhile, in Q&A sessionAsif said no decision of any on in current army commander expansion in recent meeting of Pakistani Democratic Movement. He also said no decision on PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz again become head of Punjab minister or on Visit of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif to London.

Asif said, announcement for in next army commander usually in in past made in in last 24-48 hours as well as announced on November 29, adding that there was no real need get away from this process.

“I think this debate should to be over. This discussion never happened. in in past on this appointment,” he said, adding that the holiness of in military forces and their processes should not to be made controversial.

Protection minister also spoke about cases concerning the opposition and said that, in his opinion, should have no lack or place for error in them and any action should be accepted in conformity with law, so no impression of victimization or settlement scores created.

“I on I swear to say that if something is missing in accusation against then they benefit of they will be given doubt.”

Failure to control dollar appreciation

Meanwhile, interrogated on in failure curb the depreciation of the rupee against in dollarIsmail said. current the floods were to blame, as the crops were destroyed and had to be imported.

He said pressure on the rupee has risen due to anticipation of farther future import and blamed PTI governments decisions for in current high power Prices.

Meanwhile, Asif said, government would curb in inflation in in next two or three months, and there will be a further economic recovery.

Protection minister praised and praised Ismail for leading in governmenteconomic recovery plan to save the country from default and said trust in he was “well situated”. He said government will consider option of making him a senator or extending his tenure current six-month term how finances minister is set expire.

“Our government can be consoled in in fact that Miftah Ismail performance was big contribution in taking us out of in critical the situation we were in in”.

Ismail was also asked about the possibility of trade resumes with India he said option could be studied if market did not stabilize after the measures taken government took.

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