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Wisconsin anti-election fraud activist commits voter fraud to prove his point


MADISON, Wisconsin. This week, a Wisconsin man ordered an absence. ballots for myself in names of mayor and chief state legislator in what he says was an attempt to identify vulnerabilities in state vote system.

Harry Wait, who leads group in southeastern Wisconsin, which concentrated on voting matters, said on Thursday that he is ready to go to jail to prove his point. This stunt angered many state election officials, especially those who held last several years of dealing with unfounded claims of pervasive voter fraud.

“I’d be willing to take it hit for country,” Waite said. of facing jail time. “You can’t have ballots all over in placeunprotected”.

“I made crime when I did it,” he said, “but do you think criminals care when they do it?”

Wait said he used the state online elections portal Tuesday to ask for absence ballots for primaries on August 9 will be sent to him home in names of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (right) and Racine Mayor Corey Mason (right). Wait faced with both of officials repeatedly as President of in group HOT Government, whose name comes from an acronym for “honest, open and transparent.”

Shortly after he made requests, Wait explained your actions in an email to Vos and Mason, as well as Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson (R) and Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling (R), who promoted former statements by President Donald Trump of voter fraud is called for in arrest of five of state election commissions.

Waite said he and others requested about a dozen ballots in all. In addition to requests for ballots for Vos and Mason, Waite said he had permission from voters to request them ballots. He said he didn’t get ballots for Vos and Mason did not expect, because he had alerted the authorities about what he had done.

‘BUT real conflagration”: Wisconsin becomes the front line in war over 2020 vote

Hanson said she is investigating the matter. It is an offense under Wisconsin law to commit a crime. false application for a ballot and a felony to do false statement to the secretary of the election commission.

Facebook post about the incident, Schmaling made no mention of investigation Wait – and instead called for investigation of States online elections portalMyVote Wisconsin.

Ann Jacobs, who sits on State Electoral Commission, District Attorney said should accusation anyone involved in efforts to try to get ballots meant for other.

“They intentionally went and stole someone’s ballot,” said Jacobs, a Democrat. on a board politically equal. “His like go to Walmart and choose up big screen TV and walking out Door with it and then go to the police and say, “It’s very easy to steal.” You stole it anyway.

Jacobs and non-partisan committee member director Meaghan Wolf, said they were trying to illegally obtain ballots did not reveal any vulnerabilities in States system.

“Intentionally using someone’s identity to undermine system does not indicate a deficiency with MyVote, but rather a disadvantage with this man’s behavior,” Woolf said. in written statement. “Disgraceful person who prefers to impersonate someone else in order to get official the documents of any kind – be it for elections use or for any other purpose—clearly violates state and federal laws and may face effects.”

issue prompted the electoral commission call for emergency meeting Thursday night.

Vos issued a statement condemning Waite. move and noting that the expectation supporting primary opponent.

“His actions are sad,” Vos said. in his statement. “If election integrity means anything, it means we should all follow law, both Republicans and Democrats.”

Mason said he wants to wait face accusations.

“He clearly broke the law and tried to deprive me of the right to voteand Robin,” he said. “It can be argued that there should to be more security at the local bank. You can’t go rob bank to prove my point.”

Mason said he was worried that Waite’s performance would be drumming. up unfounded suspicions of electoral fraud just before the fall elections.

“This is clearly wrong do you know lace with All types of irony of people so desperate prove a conspiracy that does not exist that they are ready perform very crime they claim they are trying to prevent,” he said.

Wisconsin online portal allows registered voters ask to be absent ballots after registration in using their names and dates of birth. They may have ballots sent anywhere to those who temporarily reside somewhere other than their homes there is chance to vote.

A similar procedure can be performed by sending in paper form by mail.

Most voters must provide a copy of photo ID first the time they request an absentee ballot, which the secretary of the election commission can leave on file. Voters who say they are limited by their home because of age or disability is not required show identity card, but a false statement is crime.

When voters do online Requests for ballots, their clerk receives an email informing them of request. The clerk does final call on is it worth it issue ballots.

Wait said he recently explained to a reporter with in conservative Epoch Times how apply for an absentee ballot in Wait a name and mail it to Michigan. After a while he got call from his clerk to warn him of the request, he said.

Wait, said system worked in that copy, but he bothered the clerks in other parts of the state will not be so diligent.

“I want My voice shut downWaite said. “I want all absent ballots shut down until they can provide ballots”.

Bulletin drop boxes are not allowed in Wisconsin State Supreme Court rules

Wait made his requests to vote two weeks before the primary, when Vos challenge by Adam Steen. Primary will also narrow the field for governor and the US Senate.

Wait, who back to steen, long struggled with Vos over presidential elections in 2020. Joe Biden beat Trump by about 21,000 people. votes in Wisconsin – results which were upheld by the courts and independent experts.

Waite said he didn’t believe Vos did enough to study the election, even though Vos hired former state supreme court justice spend year- long investigation of It.

Schmaling last year called for Jacobs and four other election commissioners to face charges with crimes for the policy they set for vote in nursing homes in 2020. Because leaving homes kept visitors out during the coronavirus pandemic, the election commission ordered clerks to ignore the law, which required them to send survey workers to these facilities and instead send residents in absentia ballots.

Hanson and two other district attorneys declined blame the commissioners. Two others prosecutors didn’t say if they plan to file charges over it is important.

Schmaling didn’t answer. call Thursday, but Waite said the sheriff told him he wasn’t planning arrest him during call they had Wednesday.

“He said, ‘Thank you very much for hack it,” Waite said. of his speech with Schmaling. “So I said, ‘Does that mean you’re not going to arrest to me?’ And he said, “Hell no.” ”

That same morning, Schmaling posted message on Facebook, which said: “I’m disappointed by the apparent vulnerabilities in My Wisconsin voice that has matured for fraud, and all – regardless of their political leanings – should join in asking for a thorough statewide investigation into this important election integrity issue”.

As of Thursday noon post spawned hundreds of comments and almost 1000 were circulated times.

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