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Windows 11: Leak Reveals New User Interface, Centered Start Menu, and More

Windows 11 will be announced on June 24th. (Image: Microsoft)
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An internal preliminary version of “the next generation of Windows” has been leaked. It shows that Windows 11 will receive a new user interface and other new features.

One week before Following the official unveiling on June 24th, a pre-release version of the upcoming operating system was published on the Chinese platform Weibo. You confirm both the new name “Windows 11” and changes to the user interface. All of the innovations that have been rumored in advance are not yet on board in the early pre-release version that was not leaked.

Windows 11 with Windows 10X accents

Windows 11 with centered taskbar. (Srceenshot: The Verge)

The leaked screenshots indicate that Microsoft is incorporating design elements of its crushed Windows 10X into Windows 11. The start menu of Windows 11 is quite similar to that of 10X. It comes without animated tiles (live tiles) and is therefore more reduced than the solution in Windows 10. Furthermore, apps can apparently be pinned and the last files displayed. In addition, the option to shut down or restart Windows 11 devices more quickly by repositioning the corresponding buttons.

The task bar can optionally be positioned further to the left. (Screenshot: The Verge)

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In addition, it is noticeable that Microsoft has centered the taskbar and was no longer pressed into the lower left corner of the screen. In addition, Microsoft has tidied up the overview in the taskbar, integrated a new start button and a fresh menu. As previously leaked, the menu no longer simply folds upwards, but opens in a slightly floating window with rounded corners that run through the entire system.

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If you like the new positioning does not appeal, there is the option of moving the app icons and the start menu back to the left. A dark mode is also available.

Windows 11 bekommt unter anderem eine neue Option zum arrangieren der Fenster. (Bild: The Verge)

Windows 11 gets, among other things, a new window management. (Animation: The Verge)

As Chris Welch from The Verge appropriately writes, the early pre-release version of Windows 11 looks more like a refined version of Windows 10 as something completely new.

Windows 11 brings new sounds and context menus

Windows Central, who also looked at Windows 11, also report that the modern design extends to the context menus. The pre-release version also includes new standard wallpapers and a new widgets panel for the calendar, news, weather and more. In addition, move in a new “furnishing experience”.

As previously indicated by Microsoft with an eleven-minute video with older Windows start-up sounds, Windows 11 is getting new sounds. Among other things, there will be a new start-up sound.

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