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Windows 11: How Microsoft wants you to use Edge

Enough of the Edge constraint in Windows 11? It gets even harder now

With Windows 11, Microsoft has again made it considerably more difficult to use the standard browser from their own Edge and its search engine Bing to switch. In doing so, the company annoyed not only the competition, but also those users who would rather use Chrome, Firefox or Opera. As with Windows 10, there are pop-up hurdles when you want to set a new browser as the default, and various functions are forcibly executed with Edge.

To get around this, there were applications like EdgeDeflector, which, according to its name, creates a redirection exactly where Windows would normally activate Edge instead of the preferred standard browser. EdgeDeflector even allowed other browsers to be used in the Windows Start menu – there, too, Microsoft had penetratively offered its own program.

Microsoft blocks the EdgeDeflector

But that is over now. Microsoft wants to block apps like the EdgeDeflector in the future. With this, the company is taking another step in the process of forcing its users to use Edge. According to “The Verge”, this innovation first appeared in a build preview in early November. Microsoft finally confirmed to the magazine that the changes described therein will be implemented in an update that is coming in the coming weeks.

According to Microsoft, a “bug has been fixed”

“Windows openly supports applications and services on its platform, including various browsers”, quoted “The Verge “A Microsoft spokesperson. “At the same time, Windows offers customers a certain end-to-end experience in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. The taskbar search experience is one such end-to-end experience that is not designed to be redirected. When we discovered this illegal redirection, we eliminated the error. “

Heavy criticism from the developer of the EdgeDeflector

Daniel Aleksandersen, the developer of EdgeDeflektor, has announced in a blog post that he will not update his app for the time being because it is ultimately unusable at the moment. He sharply criticized Microsoft’s approach. “This is not the practice of a mindful company that still cares about its product,” he writes. “It puts advertising, product bundles and subscriptions before the productivity of its users. “

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