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Will not comment on Extension of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army until new Polls: President Arif Alvi – Pakistan


Will not comment on Extension of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army until new polls, says President Arif Alvi

September 14, 2022


LAHORE (Dunya News) – President Dr. Arif Alvi on On Wednesday, calling on political parties to rally under one roof, said break in the country is not far away good news will soon come and also emphasized political understanding.

Speaking exclusively on On the Dunya News program “Dunya Kamran Khan Kei Sat” he said that elections are best solution to get out of a national crisis, adding that there were several months left before the elections, and should be a discussion between politicians regarding elections.

“I won’t give opinion on postponement of the meeting of army commander until new elections,” he said.

The President further stated that the lower segment of society is suffering from flood a crisis. He said that there are three crises in the country now, and the biggest crisis is political.

He said: “The rupee continues to lose value and the country’s exports are declining. also declining, adding that the economic crisis in the country needs to be addressed because the World Bank also identified an opportunity of Pakistan’s default, while the IMF contribution temporarily put off this opportunity.”

Dr. Alvey went on say that the political crisis in in the country is easy to solve but many people not ready to receive out of this crisis because of temporary interest. All the political leaders were talking about early elections, and the Supreme Court also asked the Chief Electoral Commissioner about holding general elections, to which the YHP stated that the elections would take 7 months, but the elections would probably best solution to get out of this crisis.

Dr. Arif Alvi said he could mediate with interested parties in accordance with the constitution. Everyone will agree on something, he added. The president also said he was afraid that if the economic crisis continued, then people will take to the streets. Shares your thoughts on elections, the president said there is a gap of a few months in elections. “My doors are open for mutual discussion,” Alvey said. He also said that the issue should be distributed on the foundation of give-and-take, adding that whichever party wins after the election should come with mandate.

He also said that stubbornness would hurt the country. “If we control our ego, we can do our job. with dedication, “Alvy added. President Alvi said that in order to solve issue of floods, money need. “The thing is, if we don’t come together, history will keep us responsible,” the president added. He also stated that the political leadership in in current government also agreed on in new elections, adding that the political leadership outside in government also wants early elections. Perhaps elections are the best solution to get out of these crises, he stressed. The president added which is better to rep government should to be elected through people even current coalition successfully in elections.

Arif Alvi said that he in touch with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. The president added what real a task for in government while the opposition sit down and settle things as suggested by Imran Khan. government negotiate. Arif stressed that political maturity requires all political parties to sit in parliament. one place. Calling communication “important,” Alvey said it was time move forward forgetting about everything.

Arif Alvi said there were some improvement and his efforts continue in in this regard, adding that he could not reveal much. emphasizing the importance of appeal real problem, Alvi said there was a terrible need sacrifice grudges, ego and sit together. President Alvi said that he in contact with Imran Khan by phone or message on every day until also in communication with in new Prime Minister. “As for the bill, I have good communication with in current government”Alvy added.

Saying there’s a positive discussion with Prime Minister on affairs of the country, Alvi said he was very confident that all concerned parties were making an effort somewhere, adding that the entire nation was waiting for some agreement must be reached between government and opposition. Alvey went on to say that the crisis is so big right now, adding that a positive decision is absolutely necessary. “If we don’t solve this crisis history will blame everyone.

Alvi said that current flood situation in country worse, but relief flood-hit people is in our hands adding what we should solve all problems together because the country cannot bear further crisis.

He’s next added what a cripple economy will also affect the defense, adding that whether it is floods or earthquakes, the forces of Pakistan have played an excellent role and have made a lot of of victims in war against terrorism.

“Communication with army has improved during last one and half months and because social media distances increased, fake news on social media should be restrained,” said Alvi.

As for the question on COAS extension, the president said he wouldn’t give his opinion on postponement of the meeting of in new army commander to new elections, adding that decision-creators should solve this business on Table. “My job is to try to negotiate and we will out of this political crisis soon,” he added.

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