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will forgiveness of Cancel the convicts of Balqis Bano? Mahwa Muitra from TMC says this | India latest news

Amid widespread demands That 11 convicts in Bilkeis Banu case – who they were set Free from Gujarat government on August 15 in the shadow of his forgiveness policy – send back to me prison to serve out With life imprisonment, Trinamool House Member Mahwa Muitra, in Farce in the BJP, which is in power in State and center, said that party rolls back that it decisions Only under pressure: from the right or because of the elections.

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“The BJP government is not rolling over back Anything because it’s the right thing to do. It just rolls back Under pressure from the right or the pressure of an impending election,” Muitra said in Tweet late Thursday.

Parliamentarian from Bengal, who audio critic of Union led by BJP governmentand has also had a share of run-ins with saffron partyattached with Tweet her clip of meet her with NDTV in it’s made the aforementioned statement.

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Mutra was referring to events that happened on Wednesday, when the union home Ministry clearer It did not provide any guidance to provide apartments for illegal Rohingya immigrants in New Delhi. came clarification hours After housing and urban affairs minister Hardeep Puri Mode out Tweet that all Rohingya refugees will be transferred to apartments with economically weaker sections (EWS) in Bakarwala in The national capital.

Pure announcement This led to an outcry among BJP and right-wing supporters on social media.

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similarly, in November last year and prime minister narendra modi, just the coming months of Assembly elections in February 2022 in five states, announced withdrawal of The Three Controversial Central Farm Laws; BJP won in four out of The five countries, including in Uttar Pradesh is of political importance.

Gujarat – home condition of Both PM Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah – He is due to go to the polls in Dec. It was the BJP in power over here for more More than two decades, including four terms as president minister for Narendra Modi, between 2001 and 2012 down in September 2013 after that announced Such as party’s prime ministerial for 2014 general Election and gone on to me win two consecutive terms Such as prime minister.

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