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will cong want credit for Covid Gap: Minister on Chidambaram DBT Claim | India latest news

The International Monetary Fund also praised the plan to transfer direct benefits to India, describing it as a logistical marvel, a war of The words between the BJP and the Congress started after Congress leader P Chidambaram tweeted that both Aadhaar and DBT had been launched by the UPA government. union minister Hardeep Singh Puri criticized the claim and said this way Congress will one Credit Claim Day for Covid Vaccines and the Kartavia Pathway and new Parliament building. Law minister Chidambaram’s statement, Kirin Reju, said shows ‘Anti-poor mentality’ of Conference. Read | ‘Logistics marvel’: IMF direct praises India cash conversion chart

“Before the BJP rushes to demand the credit for DBT and Aadhaar, please remember when it was introduced and by which government. Aadhaar has been launched on 28-1-2009. DBT has been introduced on 1-1-2013. Both by UPA governmentChidambaram tweeted.

DBT Gains Momentum After Prime Minister Modi Pushes Digital India, Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri said it is ironic that Congress now claims credit in The success of chart. “There was a known time for policy paralysis and deficiency of Self-confidence, when many within Congress raised doubts on Aadhaar. They rudely described it in 2017 and “Enigma” in 2018. But now want a share in success It’s time in waking up of Effective application! Puri tweeted sharing screenshots of Old Congressional Tweet against Aadhaar becomes mandatory.

“DBTs have been brought in in To overcome malpractice in place by the previous regime,” Bouri tweeted adding that one Today will Congress want credit for Covid Vaccine, Cartavia Pathway and also The new Parliament building. They spread fear and talk against These, the minister added.

Kirin Rieju responded to Chidambaram’s claim and said Prime Minister Modi Sabka Sath is driving it success of DBT. opening of Jan Dan’s accounts ensured that money Going to people who need He. She. “this is shows The anti-poor mindset of Congress. They call the schemes after one family but never work for people’s benefit,” Rego tweeted.

union minister Bubandar Yadav posted old video of Chidambaram wonders if digital will transactions help Vegetable seller. “Surprise how same man who stood up in Parliament that mocks digital India has the nerve today to demand credit for DBT and Aadhaar because the IMF praised the moves, Yadav said.

vice president of The International Monetary Fund’s Finance Department, Paulo Mauro, recently welcomed India’s implementation of DBT and the like social Wellness programs said it’s impressive considering the size of Country.

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