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Wildlife Photographer of Year: Collection of works submitted as part of of annual competition | UK news

snow-covered deer in London and tree frogs enjoy”pool party”among the stars of it’s a wildlife photographer of year competition.

Collection of 14 highly acclaimed photographs were presented by the Natural History Museum (NHM) as part of the of his annual competition is currently in his 58th year.

The photographs depict a majestic snow-covered red deer. in Richmond Park, South West London, Sevenyear-Old Joshua Cox.

“Snow deer”, caught seven-year-Old Joshua. Photo: Joshua Cox/wildlife photographer of year
tree frog pool party    Author: Brandon Guell.  Credit: Brandon Guell/Wildlife Photographer of year
‘tree frog pool party’. Photo: Brandon Guell/wildlife photographer of year

The schoolboy took a picture after he and his father followed group of deer in safe distance one stopped as the snowfall intensified.

“He (the deer) looked like it was raining snow on him,” Joshua said.

Other entries include an otherworldly depiction. of European perch swimming through a sheet of algae shot by Tiina Tormanen and the giraffe “disappears” in Nairobi, Kenya, captured by José Fragoso.

They are joined shot of polar bear leaned over out of window in abandoned settlement, eye to eye view of southern whale and inquisitive dog sniffs a sloth.

Exhibition of Top 100 images submitted to competition opens at NHM in South Kensington, South West London on October 14 before departure on UK and international tour.

This year’s showcase includes work from photographers of all ages from 93 different countries.

Each entry was judged anonymously based on on his creativity, originality and technical excellence on international panel of industry experts.

NXM director Dr. Doug Gurr said the records reflect some of in the world best photographic talent and encourage “curiosity, connection and wonder”.

    Right View by Richard Robinson.  Image Credit & Copyright: Richard Robinson/Wildlife Photographer. of year
“Correct view”. Photo: Richard Robinson/Wildlife Photographer of year
Highly acclaimed polar frame by Dmitry Koch in Animal Portraits category on the Wildlife Photographer website of year competition.  Photo: Dmitry Kokh/Wildlife Photographer of year
“Polar frame”. Photo: Dmitry Kokh/Wildlife Photographer of year

“These inspiring images convey the human influence on natural world in a way that words cannot – from urgency of declining biodiversity to inspiringback of defensive,” he said.

Chair of judging Panel Rose Kidman Cox, added: “What’s left with I don’t just extraordinary mixture of items in this year collection is an extensive panorama of natural world – but emotional strength of so much of Pictures.”

The Dipper Controversy, Heikki Nikk.  Photo: Heikki Nikki/Wildlife Photographer of year
“Dipper dispute”. Photo: Heikki Nikki/Wildlife Photographer of year
Underwater wonderland, Tiina Tormanen, Finland.  Photo: Tiina Tormanen/Wildlife Photographer. of year
“Underwater Wonderland” Photo: Tiina Tormanen/Wildlife Photographer of year

“The Dilemma of Laziness” Photo: Suzy Esterhas/Wildlife Photographer of year

The winning images will be announced on October 11 at the awards ceremony hosted wildlife host and conservationist Chris Packham.

Picture of rare underwater spawning that happens just when year around full the moon was crowned winner of adult competition 2021.

The image, taken by French underwater photographer and biologist Laurent Ballesta, had an “otherworldly” feel to it. beautyand showed “a fleeting moment of fascinating behavior of animals”, witnessed by very few people.

ten-year- Old Vidyun R. Hebbar was awarded the “Young Wildlife Photographer” award. of year prize in 2021 for “Dome of the house”, depicting a tent spider. in in city of Bangalore, India.

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