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Why is it long face? What was a pony named Patrick elected mayor of city ​​of Devon – then he was banned from visiting a local pub | Devonian

Name: Pony Mayor Patrick of Cockington.

Age: Four.

Status: Forbidden.

This will require a little unpacking. Really? You didn’t follow story of Pony Mayor Patrick of Cockington and his run-in with local pub?

I I can’t say what I have. Okay okay start first. You know cockington village in Devonian?

Confused I think. Big. Well, the residents recently elected four-year- the old Shetland pony called Patrick the mayor. Now another thing you need to …

Wait. Which? Pony Patrick – mayor of Cockington. The old mayor died and the pony was elected take him place. There is nothing strange in this.

He run against anyone? No, it was one-horse race.

I hate you. Anyway, before he became mayor, Patrick was very well liked in the village. He was a pony therapist who attended various recovery groups in in the community and can often be found pasture in “interactive pen” in garden of Drum Inn Pub in village.

They are elected pony as mayor? BUT pony? I already explained yes. Anyway, Patrick was banned from The Drum Inn.

Because they don’t like his policy? Not stupid. He is a pony. He doesn’t have any politics. The local council ruled that the pen required building permit and had to be taken down. Besides, for Patrick keep going to the pub area would need reclassify from “garden” to “official pastures.”

But he’s the mayor! Can’t he just reject the advice? Not, of of course not. He is a pony. But what is especially upsetting is that Patrick really liked to drink Guinness, so now he will have to do without it.

I feel like I’m losing my mind Not. Pony Mayor Patrick of Cockington is far from the only non-human elected official in in world.

Really? Of course! Bosco dog was mayor of Sunol, California for 13 years old. In 2018, the Sweet Tart cat was elected mayor of Omena, Michigan. As well as in 2019, Lincoln the goat became mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont, after hand-to-hand combat campaign.

Against a person? No you idiot against a dog. it also worth pointing out that everyone elected mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, was dog (one of whose name was Brinnet Poltro).

I feel like it actually makes things worse. Oh take it easy up. it just a little of fun. It’s all so dark now, why don’t you want cute animal as your mayor?

Yes, I believe you are right. Although the council will rue the day they decided to cross out Pony Mayor Patrick. of Cockington. This pony will have his own vengeance, in this life or next.

Tell: Pony Patrick has been banned from the pub.

Do not say: “Maybe the council was afraid he’d make a colt of myself.”

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