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Why did the BJP choose Bhupendra Singh Chaudhary as the Union President

Uttar Pradesh Panchayati Raj minister Bhupendra Singh Chaudhry has been appointed as the head of the state by the BJP on Thursday. The decision It has been on hold since Suwantra Dev Singh resigned from post after becoming a minister in The second Version of Yogi Adityanath led by government.

The announcement Came up with speculation about cum minister Keshav Prasad Maurya and former deputy CM Being Dinesh Sharma possible contenders.

Regional Equations

senior leaders in The party He said the BJP has transcended caste politics in Uttar Pradesh and this date of The JAT leader from Western UP was made to strike a balance between acting for different regions of the state. while head minister From Purvanchal, Head of State from Paschim UP.

However, some in The party I think Western UP was already an actress in Organization as newly appointed general secretary (Organization) Dharam Pal belongs to Binur.

eye on 2024, targeting the GATS in WEST UP

Party leaders feel that by choosing Chaudhry, a MLC member, as head of unit in the country, the BJP has attempted to strike a chord. with Gat leaders and voters. Choudary comes from Moradabad and party Lost Lok Sabha Seats in who – which region in 2019.

also, in In recent polls conducted on the association, party faced Much of heat Who gates because of of Farmers rampage had to work hard to calm down community. while he faced defeat in The regionI managed to save face By winning a respectable number of seats. However, the SP-RLD group gave the BJP a hard time in The election.

Beyond the sect politics

while many in The party They think that the BJP has also tried to achieve class balance by giving prominence post in organization to gat face in state, a senior party The leader saw otherwise.

basic organization man with Affiliations to an RSS affiliate company Vishva Hindu Parishad, was maintaining a program post of panchayati raj minister in State since 2017. He holds record of Get 1.75 Crore Toilets Constructed in rural areas and made 75 open defecation free zone.

“Chowdhury is an organized man. He worked on Earth. We needed a man who Organization can take forward and for new The commander said.

A message to the neighboring state of Rajasthan

with the ruling Congress in Rajasthan facing A large number of challengesleaders there believe that the BJP is also Send a message to Gat community in This is the country associated with the survey. Rajasthan has 15 to 18 percent of the jat population and the party Hope to consolidate it.

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