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Who runs Pakistan? – Pakistan

WHO runs Pakistan? This is the question of every foreigner government asked since August 1947. It’s a question for which 220 million Pakistanis are waiting for a believable reply.

Some theists believe that Pakistan’s survival is charity. of overworked deity. Others say that nations need time to develop into states. this is just that Pakistan takes longer to mature than others.

This question has again move forward with two related incidents. 21 July Mr. Tarik Fatemi (special assistant prime minister on foreign affairs) met US Deputy Secretary of State of State of Wendy Sherman to reaffirm the “common goals of expansion of relations by strengthening economic and trade ties”. The meeting was hosted by our experienced Ambassador Masood Khan.

July 22 Ministry of foreign affairs in Islamabad publicly retracted the meeting. He explained that “Mr. Fatemi on a private visit to Washington and [the] Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not play Any role in his meeting with US officials.

We have one sole in door, but not yet inside.

Is not first mr fatemi time found the lightning rod itself of brothers Sharif. In April 2017 he was removed from post of special assistant to Sharif the Elder for his alleged role in “Dawn seeps in”. Reassigned to the same post exactly five years after Sharif the Younger disowned him in disgrace by his ministry.

How is this diplomatic oversight occur? it fact that Mr. Fatemi was on a private visit to the USA. As long as there is someone senior should have assumed that since he was in neighborhood, he like to call on “Aunt” Wendy, which he did. Somebody else in Islamabad or Rawalpindi resented such a harmless mockery. Mr Fatemi’s again paid price of being an unchosen substitute.

A few days later, sources who asked not to be named said that COAS Qamar Bajwa called Ms. Wendy Sherman and asked the White House and the Treasury Department to “convince the creditor [IMF] speed up the bailout process and immediately release the nearly $1.2 billion that Pakistan expects to receive.” Over time, the Foreign Office confirmed the call.

There are several Mille Feuille layers to this conversation between COAS and the US Under Secretary of State. of meaning.

Apparently, COAS consulted with prime minister and got his approval before calling “Aunt” Wendy. Even excellent students know that the IMF does not obey the orders of the State Department. He can answer a nod from the White House, but carefully defends the prerogative of The Executive Board, which consists of 24 directors, elected by member countries.

As one IMF official explained, “There is a big difference between approval at the staff level and board OK. Our stakeholders countries who take vote as to whether they are supporting it or not, do it final decision. This is the difference. Therefore, legally binding step this is board approval, not staff-level agreement.” We have one leg therefore in Door with staff level agreement, but we’re not inside just for now.

Perhaps the IMF Executive Board is waiting to see if there are changes in Islamabad now that the Punjab has turned around out of his control.

Edition: old habits die hard

Perhaps the IMF is waiting for nomination of a new KOAS. General Bajwa current term expires on November 22. His first extension in In 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan referred to “regional security”; maybe it second diffident Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif could refer to “economic instability”.

Perhaps COAS had to go to Uncle Sam through “Aunt” Wendy because the US subsidies provided in in past through coalition support funds and other Pentagon euphemisms have shrunk to drought levels. Is one half of pakistan budget facing the same insolvency as his civil half? Some think it’s when the establishment should come to your senses and share with in public degree of his non-security expenses on social facilities over of the year.

So, again, who runs Pakistan? Partisan President Dr. Alvi who previously suggested this year that he had no objection “against the speedy appointment of commander-in-chief of the army”, only to have his baseless opinion slapped in the face down on his own office? Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who heads 13-party coalition of practiced Judas and writhing to stay in power until October 2023? His elder brother in London? He wants early elections.

Inexperienced Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari who It has access to foreign assets left his mother but not the capital of her international reputation? Or an army commander who avoided interference a month ago in politics but apparently missed instead in national economy?

Will whoever rules Pakistan stand? up and be identified? There is over 125 million voters who deserve know will they vote in 2023 (or earlier) for wooden pinocchio, or their wicker puppeteers.

The writer is the author.


Published in Dawn, August 4, 2022

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