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Who is backing whom to replace Liz Truss?

Supporters include:

1. Crispin Blunt

“We must choose the only path open to us and rally for Rishi” (October 20).

2. Julie Marson

“Rishi Sunak had my support be a leader over summer, because I was afraid of Liz’s approach to economy would lead what happened” (October 20).

3. Richard Holden

Mr Holden told ITV News that Mr Sunak run again. (The 20th of October)

4. Angela Richardson

“Having spent the summer supporting Rishi Sunak leadership bid, my views on its suitability is not changed. Anyway, past six weeks brought them even more sharply in focus” (October 20).

5. Stephen Crabbe

6. Paul Maynard

“Still supporting Rishi as last summer. He has the economic reputation to succeed public confidence get us back on a flat base is the unifying figure. We still can win with Rishi.”

7. John Glen

“Rishi Sunak is the most qualified candidate to provide leadership to get through the deep economic challenges we face. He will give you stability growth and prosperity and unite our country.”

8. Kevin Hollinrake

“He has the right leadership qualities, ability to get things done, unrivaled knowledge of in economy and proven track record like a chancellor second the hardest job in British politics.”

9. Andrew Bowie

“Here there is only one man who can combine this party get economy on solid support. Only one with plan move us forward. And it’s the same person I thought in over summer.”

10. Simon Hart

“After last a few weeks is the least we can do for this time the country will get the right prime minister. This means choosing someone who is serious, proven, competent and kind. For me, it’s Rishi Sunak.”

11. Craig Williams

“I can think of No one better for lead our party and solve the serious problems that we face than Rishi Sunak. His experience and a firm hand is exactly what the country and party needed right now.”

12. Anthony Mangnall

“As before, I hope new Rishi Sunak will be the prime minister and we can deliver this on the message he articulated so well in the summer campaign.”

13. Andrew Merrison

“It must be Rishi Sunak – his economic plan has fully paid off and he best placed to unite the Conservatives.”

14. Dominic Raab

“I back Rishi Sunak will be ours next EVENINGS. He has a plan and trust to restore financial stability, help get inflation down and ensure sustainable tax cuts over time, and unite conservatives by bringing best talent in the government to deliver for British people.”

15. Gary Streeter

“Now we have chance put the UK back on track. I will supporting that man with in experience as well as skill Sort out public finance and lead efficient and competent government: Rishi Sunak.

16. John Stevenson

“Now is the time for Rishi Sunak rise as well as lead country forward to grow economy and restore stability by acting with honesty and decency. this is serious times And we need a serious and competent prime minister.”

17. Simon Jupp

“Rishi Sunak has already set out its the stall of the nation. He has experience need lead nation and knowledge to restore economic confidence”.

18. Steve Double

“We are now need Prime Minister who can provide clear the leadership our country needs, and with the competence to tackle the huge economic challenges we face. Rishi Sunak proved over the summer that he up to work”.

19. James Cartlidge

” national interest requires a leader with track record of cope with the difficult economic situation – just like Rishi did in pandemic. He can restore stability and bring in talent from all over the world party deliver brighter future.”

20. Bim Afolami

“The Rishi is an experienced leader who can sort economy, lead efficient, get us back into political struggle and unite the party and the country. He’s the right choice.”

21. Nick Gibb

“Rishi’s competence, compassion, economic foresight and his leadership skills means that he is a candidate for the unification of our party. Rishi’s Charisma and Broader Appeal in country means he best placed in rebuild support for our party.”

22. Alex Mel

“Rishi has brains, wholeness, stamina and solution lead our country in great future. I’m proud support his.”

23. Faye Jones

“He not only know in party membership well he has experience and skills to ensure the stability we need.”

24. Maggie Trope

“I know he will unite party as well as bringing sound our country’s economy and lead us to success in in future.”

25. Simon Hoare

“He will ensure market confidencepragmatic policy and stabilization of ship.”

26. Edward Timpson

“I believe that Rishi will be able to restore confidence by proving to the British people and markets that #conservatives deserve of government.”

27. Hugh Merriman

28. Laura Farris

29. Simon Fell

30. James Morris

31. Helen Whateley

32. Robin Walker

33. Jonathan Jangoli

34. Robert Sims

35. Anthony Brown

36. Damian Hinds

37. Gareth Davis

38. Joe Gideon

39. Laura Trott

40. Marc Garnier

41. Robert Jenrick

42. Richard Graham

43. Siobhan Bailey

44. Victoria Prentice

45. Simon Baines

46. ​​Mel Stride

47. Sir Gavin Williamson

48. Liam Fox

49. George Eustis

50. Mark Harper

51. Sir Bob Neal

52. Robert Halfon

53. David Davis

54. Rehman Chishti

55. Julian Sturdy

56. Greg Clark

57. Julian Smith

58. James Daley

59. Nigel Pow

60. Philip Dunn

61. David Rutley

62. Andrew Bridgen

63. James Wild

64. Mark Logan

65. James Gray

66. Gillian Keegan

67. Guy Opperman

68. Lucy Frazier

69. Chris Philp

70. Sajid Javid

71. Claire Coutinho

72. Johnny Mercer

73. Mike Wood

74. Duncan Baker

75. Jonathan Lord

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