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Who Are the Pandoles, Cyrus Mistry Travelers: 10 Facts

Cyrus Mistry and family His friend Jahangir Bandol died in a car crash

New Delhi:
Cyrus Mystery former president of Tata’s sons, they died in a car accident during on way From Udwada in Gujarat to Mumbai. He was accompanied by three others family Friends and brothers Darius and Jehangir Bandol and Darius Bandul’s wife Anahita Bandol.

Here’s a 10-point cheat sheet for that big story:

  1. Cyrus Mystery and the Pandoles had gone to Odawa, where Parsis . had main “Fire Temple” for prayer for The father of Bandol brothers, who recently died. The accident happened when they were returning. It was the Udwada Fire Temple restored over The past A few years at a very great height costfully borne by Mystery family. Fully reopened about file year Ago.

  2. The car It was led by Anahita Bandol, a gynecologist of Mumbai Kandy Beach Hospital. It was Darius Bandol on front passenger seat. Both of them were badly injured and are recovering in the hospital.

  3. It was Mr. Mystery on Rear seat with Jehangir Bandol and Darius Bandulz brother. Neither survived.

  4. Darius Bandol, 60, is Managing Director and CEO of JM Financial Private Equity Financial is based in Mumbai. It was also independent director in stammer group The companies opposed the removal of Cyrus Mistry as Chairman of Tata Sons. I step down From post When was Cyrus Mystery removed.

  5. Bandole family Owns Duke’s, Maker of Soft drinks like mangola; they sold business Pepsi more 20 years ago. One of Brothers who sell the business To Pepsi was Dinshaw Pandole – the father of Darius and Jhangir Bandol. Dinshaw Pandole died last week.

  6. The police said the accident was caused Because of the speed near Balgar, about 100 km away from Mumbai. But a detailed investigation will be conducted made For a fuller picture. Police said CCTV cameras will be checked along the road.

  7. The remains of Cyrus Mistry and Jehangir Pandole will be transferred to JJ Hospital in Mumbai, where postHe’ll take the body place.

  8. Anahita and Darius Bandol will likely be flown to Prachkandy today.

  9. Anahita Bandol, 55, shared in a campaign against Illegal hoarding and its name made Addresses in Connection with He. She. she was also one of institutional of Jio Parsi, an initiative to contain population decline among the parsi community.

  10. Cyrus Mistry, 54, who Behind Ratan Tata as President of Tata Sons Holding Company of 300 billion dollars groupFrom post in Coup of the board of directors in 2016. It sparked a long drawn-out legal struggle, which went in tata group fit in Supreme court.

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