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Who against India: How many people have actually died from Covid?

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The World Health Organization claimed that Covid could have killed up to 47.4 lakhs people in India in 2020 and 2021 too directly due to infection or through its indirect influence. This number is 10 times Country official death fees of 4.81 lakhs at the end of 2021. India has strongly rejected these figures off ugly fight with World Health Organization. So, how Exactly who did arrive In these numbers, does India have significantly under-reported this number? of people who Died from covid? Or is the WHO methodology problematic, as India claims? First, let’s understand that in Pandemic is not always possible To say whether the death Was it covid or not. So, the number that really becomes important for Experts is the so-called “excess mortality.” Excess deaths are simply a measure of how Many more people be dying Compared than expected with previous years.

Although it is difficult to say how Many of These deaths were due to Covid, and can be considered a measure of volume and outcome in pandemic. Now, the WHO report says That deaths indirectly related to Covid are those that occurred due to circumstances for Which people they couldn’t access Treatment because hospitals were overburdened. He. She also accounts for Fewer deaths place Because of road accidents, etc. because the closures were in place in wide areas. One of India main The arguments are that who has gone by mathematical modeling and is not real data on Deaths recorded by the Civil Registry System of India or CRS. Now, the WHO figures have been released just Two days after India CRS released its annual data for death cases for The year 2020. CRS . data for 2021, second And more devastating pandemic yearstill out. CRS, by wayno record determinant causes for mortality, so it gives you a comprehensive picture of the Indian government says You have shared 2020 data with WHO, which says I ignored the results. But the World Health Organization says That numbers India for 2020 only couple came of Days before they publish their report and they will include it in they next update. Now as many experts point out, death Registration data in India is not available From all countries at the same time and not always up Yet this is why modeling studies become important and relevant. If this data immediately availablethe estimation of excess deaths will be much simpler and more easier.

right Now, for WHO report, and world body I depend on official Numbers of Annual deaths that came from 17 Indian states until December of 21. illusion also They say they were baptized on media Reports that have numbers obtained through the Right to Information Act or RTI. Dr. Randeep Guleria head of AIIMS, however, criticized the WHO for this method. He said they depend on Rumors guide from media or from unconfirmed sources.” India has justified it because of its large area, diversity, and population of 1.3 billion, there can be no one- Size fits all and model which may be applicable to smaller countries But it cannot apply to India. Most importantly, 2021 was year That India was bad hit By delta wave at the number of It is expected that the deaths due to Covid will be many higher And that official The numbers from India are not ready yet. While the Indian government The World Health Organization and the World Health Organization in war of the words fact Is that other agencies have claimed lack of reporting by India, such as The Lancet. India usually counts only Covid deaths in Cases that have been confirmed through laboratory tests, that is, during the delta wave in Especially when testing resources in In short supply, healthcare systems overwhelmed, many suspected Covid deaths likely have fallen through the cracks. that it also Not easy to count dead in India. on half of The total The deaths occurred in homeaccording to official data, in particular in villages. And women They are often undercharged and enrollment is especially low in Poor countries like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

So yes, it is very likely that India has reported Covid deaths, although the contention will be over The number – will it be as high as the WHO data indicate? We don’t do that know. However, there are some other important nuances as well. One is that India has not stopped counting Covid deaths yet. kerala state, for For example, calculate over 20,000 covid deaths over The last Four months but not all of This happened to them year And they were doing a huge backlog. India, however, also made Usually of Doubting the methodology of Every agency does not agree with Whether it is the World Health Organization or Reporters Without Borders in the World Press Freedom Index or the Global Democracy Indicators by The Economist and others. The appeal is always the same. We do not agree with methodology. The covid death count is not like that just About record keeping. It’s about learning from the pandemic and preparing for future outbreaks, as well as strengthening our health systems. So if we can learn from this controversy with Who, we will do ourselves better in the long run.


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