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whitehall getting ready for winter shutdowns with copy paper

Civil servants will reproduce documents using carbon paper if Britain hit power outages this winter due to an emergency plans stress test in Whitehall in last days.

Carbon paper was invented in 1806 and used in typewriters before they were largely superseded by photocopying and then email.

But officials were advised to keep carbon paper on stand next to in Departments of Whitehall in case britain hit with power cutbacks that leave offices without power for days on end, according to three officials.

“The idea is that you will have people Run up as well as down Presentation of Whitehall out carbon copies of documents for colleagues in other departments or agencies to keep people in touch, said one official. “It’s all about problem solving over how save government communication with each other in in event of a crisis.”

use of copy paper one element of exercise done out in in last a week in some departments for stress test how in government could continue to function in in event of a crisis such as a power outage or a nuclear war.

Spiral international gas prices since invasion of Ukraine is caused energy crisis in Europe causing concern of shortage for the coming winter.

Officials set up through-government a program called Yarrow in 2021 to improve planning and sustainability by central and local government and industry for a business with a national power shutdown. Officials insisted that plans we in place before Russian invasion of Ukraine. “This program precedes those events,” said one.

Since then, stress tests have been carried out. place every four months until ensure “corresponding risk management and preparedness. Still officials acknowledged that wargaming exercises had taken on a new urgency, given the worsening energy crisis, which has resulted in household electricity bills jump 80 percent in a year.

government It has drawn up what he calls a “reasonable” cold-related worst-case scenario weather and a decline in energy imports from Norway, with the UK facing power shortages of up up to the sixth of peak demand. Officials believe that if this happened, there could be days without rationing of blackouts in depths of winter.

Although Britain has its own gas reserves in the North Sea and is not dependent on on Russian energy imports are relatively low of gas storage.

According to the script government may have to trigger emergency measures to save gas, according to official. Downing Street insists that “households, businesses and industry can be sure they get the electricity and gas they need”. need”.

Liz Truss, leader win tory leadership contest, ruled out any energy consumption this winter. But Gavin Barwell, former Chief Downing Street of staff, said it would be “crazy” to rule out the possibility of rationing use to protect the vulnerable people.

Rishi Sunak, future rival of Trass next prime minister has also said government should No rule out energy regulation. “Many European countries look at how we can all optimize energy consumption, it’s a smart thing to do for us do like a country,” he said during final leader election this week.

BUT government the spokesman said the drills through Whitehall would be ensure what is central government able to respond effectively to the “wide range of extreme scenarios, regardless of how hardly.

“Reliable and diversified UK energy supply ensure households, businesses and industry can be sure they can get the electricity and gas they need need,” They said.

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