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which made Imran will quickly retreat?


chairman of the PTI and former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday took many are surprised when he suddenly announced finishing his “March of Haqiqi Azadi”, and decided give a six- the day of the ultimatum to the ruling coalition announce the date of the elections, otherwise he will return to the capital with more people next time.

Change of the plan was not just sudden but deviation from what imran said for in past few weeks that he won’t leave Islamabad without a date for in next elections from government.

However, things didn’t work out out what way. AT fact what it looked like like the rapid retreat not only raised a number of questions, but also also set tongues talk about decision it should be result of behind-development scenes.

Insiders said that powerful the circles were on board and pushed both sides to make sure decisions including PTI entering the capital and ending of rally instead of going for like this-in. They are added that everyone, including powerful circles you need face- there were no savings just about political parties.

FROM government-PTI face-off said the pressure was built as well as clear messages were sent to powerful interested parties – that they cannot act as spectators for long time knowing full well the responsibilities they have assumed according to the situation.

“AT terms of understanding, all political parties have the same attitude towards past role of institutions,” said a source familiar with development told The Express Tribune. “The only difference is that political parties are not on the same container.

He said that the political parties are not together now, but there are fears that they may start exposure powerful circles. “There is a lack of trust. Not one trusts another at the moment.”

The source said that secrets of in powerful circles can also be taken out into the open.

“Secrets can be revealed, and they are not want what.” powerful circles were allegedly involved in change of government, he said, saying that they also required face-savings and wanted to ensure that sanity has prevailed.

About date of in general elections, the source said, there were good chances they could take place in October of this year – just a month before the retirement of the army commander.

They said the speaker office used for conversations and can be used for further negotiations for final determination of the election date.

Keeping October in view, insiders and political observers believe that government will last until August and will not only present budget but will have chance repeal legislation relating to electoral reform, the National Accountability Bureau, etc., a process that already began.

About a sharp call off of rally, the PTI leader said that Imran “has an obligation to do this decision”, stating that there were real reasons.

However, he added it was win-win situation for all interested parties. To size of it was said at the rally that “sometimes numbers matter, sometimes optics; last night meeting was more about optics.

Another PTI leader said there were no preparations for manufacturing people stay for a longer period, adding the fear factor of mass meeting made in government was nervous and helped PTI in change your goal from posing sittin to staging only power show.

Also, according to him, Imran called off rally, as he felt there might be a confrontation between people and law enforcement, especially the army. He asked who calls the army for several thousand people exercising their political and democratic rights, stating that it was an attempt to public against strength.

On arrival back after six days, he said that the return plan was still in effect, and suggested that there would be no obstruction from the upper court. on in next political assembly, and give PTI more freedom of choice.

The source referred to a speech by Imran in which he said that people we also looking towards the Supreme Court like nowhere in in world permission for peaceful rally is prohibited.

Since his exile through no-confidence movement, Imran is rallying across the country to build pulse against in government to force call an early election, and the long march of 25 May was to be postponed until a date was set. announced. However, this did not happen.

Nonetheless, one influence of the long march and ultimatum was that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the doors were open for negotiation with opposition, but he did not take a single dictation. Speaking on in floor of The House of Representatives Prime Minister even proposed to set up a committee to discuss next elections.

According to political observers, budget and the reforms were one thing, but the ruling union was also it takes some time for the impact of them decisions evaporated before they even went to the polls – perhaps in October of this year.


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