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when will it rain again?

The girl looks out of a car window with raindrops in season first monsoon rain in Karachi on July 6, 2020 – Reuters/File
  • Karachi will remain partly cloudy today.
  • The minimum temperature is fixed at 27 degrees Celsius.
  • PMD forecasts more than normal rain in southeastern regions of Sindh this month.

KARACHI: next 24 hours in Partly cloudy in Karachi with possibility of drizzle in morning and evening, office forecast after it update last a week that said at least two monsoon systems would bring heavy rains to Sindh. again in September.

The minimum temperature today (Tuesday) was fixed at 27 degrees Celsius. in Karachi while maximum According to the meteorological department, it is expected from 32 to 34 degrees Celsius.

According to the Met Office, humidity in in air was fixed at 81%.

speed of The wind is blowing from the southwest at a speed of 14 km/h, the Hydrometeorological Service reported.

Earlier, the Ministry of Economic Development predicted more than normal rain in southeastern regions of Sindh in September.

The weather service said above-normal rainfall could exacerbate the situation. in in flood-hit areas. Showers can trigger moderate to severe flood in lower Sind.

Metropolitan office It was also forecast more than normal rain in northeastern Punjab including Sialkot, Narowal and Lahore. These areas can receive 10 to 15% more rain.

The Department of Meteorology will issue a regular rainfall advice for September.

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