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What would be the problem of Nintendo and full dialogue voices in Super Mario

What would be the problem with Nintendo and full dialogue voices in Super Mario

If you regularly play the different video games of the saga Super Mario , you will have already realized the lack of complexity of the voices that express Mario, Luigi or Peach , among other characters, in the vast majority of titles.

Nintendo has carried out a strategy whereby he gave some sounds or short expressions to these characters, but almost never sentences , accompanying the full text. However, in WarioWare Gold and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour , the characters did sometimes say different dialogues narrated with voice actors, although in certain cases they were highly criticized . For example, Bowser was labeled as having a voice that was too childish , which in no way resembles a huge reptile, as is its appearance.

This casts doubt on the way in which Nintendo will carry out the animated Super Mario movie that announced last year 2018, in collaboration with the company Illumination , and that will hit the big screen in 2022 . Surely we should wait a little longer until they offer more details about it, although without a doubt they are facing a great challenge to conquer the fans. They point out that a possible option would be for Mario and other characters to be accompanied by companions who do speak normally, as with ACUAC in Super Mario Sunshine.

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