What to Expect When King Charles III Addresses the House of Commons and the Lords | King Charles III

King Charles III to address both Houses for in first time as sovereign on Monday, receiving applications from speakers of both chambers. Here’s what’s planned for when he visits.

What is a ceremony?

As part of in official during mourning, King Charles and Camilla, wife of the Queen, arrive in a palace of Westminster to receive addresses from both houses of parliament on in death of Queen. The ceremony will take place at 10:30 on Monday.

speaker of house of Commons, Sir Lindsey Hoyle and Lord Speaker, Lord John McFall of Alluit, will give address on on behalf of of MPs and colleagues. Charles then give a reply by the address.

Who will attend?

Participation of deputies and colleagues is expected. in Westminster Hall for presentation and participants of legislatures of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will also visit.

There will be processions before the ceremony for both speakers of house of Lords and House of Commons at Westminster Hall.

Will it first the time when Charles turned parliament?

No, Charles took on responsibilities for his mother in last state opening of parliament where he read the queen’s speech because of her ill health.

What happened when Elizabeth II became Queen?

Elizabeth, then 25 years old, was in Kenya when she heard of in death of her father King George VI, on February 6, 1952 Her succession to the throne was proclaimed in an accession council similar to that just taken place for King Charles attended by members of secret council and aldermen of city of London.

Nine months later, Elizabeth II visited her. first state opening of parliament, on November 4, 1952, when she read and signed the declaration of accession, and made her first queen’s speech parliament.

This happened before her coronation and was her first main state event. She is made speech from the throne in house of House of Lords. Elizabeth attended almost every state opening of parliament, except when it was in late stages of her pregnancy with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

She is also missed last state opening due to her health attended by Charles and Prince William in her place.


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