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What happens if the UK declares a drought government? | Drought

It looks more as well as more most likely parts of UK will be announced in drought on Friday. Here we look at what this might mean, and how how long can it last.

Why are we in this situation?

Environment Agency (EA) already announced the whole of Great Britain in pre-drought stages, but if a nationwide or regional drought is declared, we can expect more restrictions on water use households, and in case of worsening conditions on enterprises too.

AT news comes after regions of less than 10% registered in southern and eastern England of average rainfall in July, while for England as a whole has been the driest since 1935. The situation persisted until August, with the south east of England has had no rain so far this month.

So what would a drought declaration really mean?

Water companies will required arrange your drought plans – already agreed with EAs that include temporary bans on in use of hoses for water gardens, wash cars or row pools.

“Hose bans are common early action and for good reasonAlastair Chisholm said director of policy at a Chartered Institution of Water and environmental management. “They are doing wasteful use firstbefore more significant use need to be restrained. A lawn sprinkler can usually use 1000 liters in hour. it more how one human on average usage so far per week.

AT plans also allow companies to apply for drought allows, if necessary, to abstract more water from rivers, reservoirs or aquifers.

“There will be also be a lot more broadcast of water around networkChisholm said. “Vodokanals will pump water from one where they can be more resources, to another and pop up storage tanks. You can’t easily move water vast distances, because of high energy consumption, but move It’s at the regional level.”

What if conditions worsen?

If the situation worsens, an “extreme drought” could be declared. It would result in water companies impose local restrictions on secondary water use including limits on commercial car washing, swimming pools or cleaning of commercial premises.

If conditions deteriorate further, water companies may need ask government for emergency drought order allow they regulate the supply of water homes as well as business in a certain times of day or ask customers access tap water or mobile water tanks. farmers could also face use of restrictions for irrigation.

Natural England, government preservation body, also It has power restrict access in some areas, if any risk of fire caused under dry conditions.

How long it will be going on on?

The drought is expected to last until October. with rivers are predicted to be low and exceptionally low in central and southern England, and the water table is likely to be significantly or exclusively below ordinary in Southern England and South Wales. There is also concerns that irreversible damage could be done to some environments, such as chalk streams.

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