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What else is open today bank holiday?

which sports events cancelled?

All races canceled on day of the funeral. No other major sports events were planned for this Monday.

What else affected the funeral?

central parks

Center Parks originally announced that he would order vacationers to leave his British sites on day of queen’s funeral.

The company was flooded with complaints after it turned out that five of its parks will close for 24 hours from 10 am on from Monday to allow staff “to support our queen on her final travel”.

He has since changed his mind, saying no more guests will be kicked out. on Monday.

royal mail

royal mail announced that it will pause the service on day of funeral as a sign of respect for the monarch.

Simon Thompson, Executive Director of Royal Mail said the service would continue. play important role” in message delivery of condolences to the royal family.


Although the courts in England and Wales will remain open during the period of mourning, they are expected to hear only urgent questions on day of the funeral itself.

Basket collections

Majority of tips in UK says trash can services will be completely abolished on Monday, so it will be a day later than usual for rest of a week.

This applies to local recycling centers and public run tips in many areas. Commercial garbage collections will also be canceled on day of the funeral.

Ordinary street cleaning services will also scale back or completely abolished, according to some advice.

public toilets

Areas in which the public toilets will be closed throughout bank holiday on Monday includes Crowley in South London, Thanet in Kent, Scottish borders area and Dumfries and Galloway.

Parks and cemeteries

As long as the parks remain are open, any cafes and events or centers in them will be closed. Even cemeteries will be closed on day of queen’s funeral.

Council Buildings

Almost everything is public run buildings will be closed on day of funeral – including town halls, libraries, entertainment centers, swimming pool pools and gyms. In some areas, objects such as artificial football fields or independent fitness studios will remain open.

social services

youth centers, family as well as childrencenters and adults social care (for suffering from diseases and with learning disability) also was announced as if shut on Monday in many areas of the country.

The Soviets said they would operating emergency and out of hours only services for those in need.


Local markets that are usually held on Monday will be canceled for in bank holiday. Affected areas include Hackney. in London, Preston in Lancashire, Rotherham in Yorkshire, Shrewsbury in Shropshire and Gillingham in Kent.

Transport services and road closures

Pipes and trains

Stations that may be affected by the funeral are near the procession route: Charing Cross, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner, St James’s Park and Westminster.

Some transport operators planning additional services city to allow mourners across the country to come and pay their respects while the Elizabethan line will run a special service of 12 trains per hour between Paddington and Abbey Wood. on Sunday 18 September.

Bus transportation

Transport companies have announced that all services on island of white and in Newport, Wales will close from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. on Monday, so drivers you can watch the funeral. Locations where Park and Ride services are provided run will also not to be operating on day of the funeral.

Road closure

Exact data of there were no road closures and restrictions yet announced but it is likely that all of Parliament Street will be closed for procession. Parliament Square, parts of Wide Sanctuary, The Mall, and Constitution Hill are also likely to be pedestrian-only.

The Horse Guards Road was shut off fully vehicles for funeral procession of the queen mother in 2002, so it will potentially be the same on Monday.

heritage sites

Historic sites across the UK, from Stonehenge to HMS Belfast, will be closed. on day of state funeral of the queen as a sign of respect.

An English heritage that cares for in world the famous prehistoric stone circle, as well as other important monuments and sites, including Dover Castle, Eltham Palace in London and Roman forts on Hadrian’s wall, said it all of his sites would be shut on Monday.

National Trust houses, gardens, cafes and shops will also be closed on day of the funeral.

The organization informed the coast and countryside car parks and pre-booking holiday cottages and campsites remain open for visitors.

Museums and galleries

Imperial military museums that have museums in London, Manchester, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, Churchill War Rooms in central London and HMS Belfast on The Thames closes all five sites on Monday.

Major galleries including the National Gallery. in London, National Galleries of Scotland and the Tate galleries will also will be closed, as will museums, including the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. in South Kensington, London.

National Museum of Scotland also is closing its doors to visitors, and the Museum of Wales has said it will close seven of its sites. on Monday.

To ride a bike

British Cycling issued an apology after instructing not to ride a bike during a state funeral. on Monday.

original The British Cycling Guide stated that it “strongly recommends to all out to ride a bike on day of State funerals do it outside of timings of memorial service and related processions.

Nonetheless group has since withdrawn her advice, admitting she “got it one wrongafter attendees criticized the guidance and said it would interfere with travel for commuters or those looking to play sports.

The Royal Court has said there is no need to cancel any planned events or activity, amid restlessness in a flurry of cancellations affecting medical appointments, funerals and food banks.

NHS GP and hospital appointments

thousands of GP and hospital appointments canceled due to bank holiday on Monday.

NHS hospitals in England urged to contact all patients with meetings on day of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, whether or not their appointment was postponed.

Some major hospitals said they would postpone ‘vast majority’ of non-urgent matters. Others, including major cancer centers, have said they expect services to operate “as usual”.

announcement of in bank holiday It has left NHS services are trying to reorganize services.

The doctors were told they could close their doors with local areas asked ensure enough”out of hours” Services in place deal with demand.

closure of schools mean some doctors and nurses said they had no choice but to take the day off, in to provide childcare.

Hospital trusts are expected to create their own decisions around appointments based on the level of local staff and whether local transportation would mean that patients and staff would not be able to attend.

representative for National Health Service in England said: “How with Any bank holidayNHS staff will work to ensure that urgent and emergency services, including emergency dental appointments and visits to a general practitioner, available – and patients will be contacted by their local trusts, if necessary, regarding their existing appointments.

“Vaccination services against Covid, especially in care homes are asked to continue them work given the importance of protection people forthcoming of winter and public should access National Health Service Services in usually way including via 111 online or 999 in emergency”.

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